Please help save our family home

by BrokenFatherOfFive in Halton, England, United Kingdom

Please help save our family home
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My ex partner walked out and left me with a mountain of debt. Now she is trying to force the sale of my home so she can take the equity.

by BrokenFatherOfFive in Halton, England, United Kingdom

This is an unusual fundraiser, but I am out of ideas. I write this a couple of hours after the latest court hearing where I am representing myself. I am desperate and do not know what else to do.

I work full-time. My ex partner and I were together for 12 years and she is the mother of my youngest three children. In February 2018 she walked out and took them three children with her. They live with me 5 nights a fortnight, the same days as my 2 eldest children. We had bought a house in 2011 which was derelict, because it was all we could afford that had the space for our family. We borrowed on credit cards to make it liveable. It was to be our forever home. My partner did not like the responsibility of home-owning and parenthood. She grew to hate her job. She grew to hate me. She spent secretly and lavishly and I worked ever harder, trying to make her happy and to keep my children safe and happy. When I was 15 I had seen my alcoholic father for the last time before he went into the wilderness somewhere and died 6 years later. I vowed I would never turn my back on my children. My partner voluntarily stopped working in 2015 even though we had already fallen into debt trying to keep our home. By 2018 the debt was crippling and I was working ever harder and now having to travel for work, trying to keep our ship afloat. My partner walked out when there was just no more money and our credit had run out. I should have stopped the rot earlier, but no matter what I did I could not get her to see we were living beyond our means and that we needed her to work again. 

After she left, she launched a TOLATA legal case to force the sale of our house, which houses me and my 5 children. I had to enter a Debt Management Plan. I hope to be debt free by 2031. If my ex succeeds in forcing the sale of the house, I will have to pay her half the equity. My half will be largely eaten by her legal costs which I will be forced to pay. I am unable to get another mortgage or to rent because of my destroyed credit rating. I am desperate to keep the house until the children are grown up, then it can be sold and my ex can have her equity, but she is driven by greed and hatred and determined to have her money now. My only hope is to buy her out, but I have no family or friends who can help, and no means to borrow.

So, I am turning to strangers. If 40,000 people gave £1 each, my children's home and their financial futures will be secure. They will continue to grow up together. For my part, I will redouble my efforts to work hard and devote all the time I can to giving my children the happiest, most loving childhood they can have. I will be forever in the debt of anyone who can see their way to help me. 

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