Please help save my sick Dad

by Michelle Torez in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England

Please help save my sick Dad


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I'm trying to raise funds to get my extremely suicidal Dad professional counselling because he has been waiting on the NHS for many years.

by Michelle Torez in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England

First of all, let me say that I love my father so much. He means the world to me. I don't know what I will do without him. Today has been spent crying and working out how I can save him. I am trying to raise enough money to get him professional counselling. I will try and pay for the rest. The cheapest I could find that specializes in my father's conditions and circumstances costs £40 a session, so 40x12 is £480. The funds raised here will cover 3 months worth, I will try and pay for the rest. 

The so called NHS mental health 'system' is evil.  It kills people. It's taken 3 friends from me and now maybe my father. My father has a diagnosis of serious depression, PTSD (from serving in the British Army), agoraphobia and social anxiety. For the past 3-4 years he has been living as a recluse, unable to visit me, his own daughter, or even go to the shop. He orders all of his food online. On top of this, he is addicted to the prescription medication Diazepam which he was prescribed in the mid 1980's following his first suicide attempt. My father used to have a lot of support, consisting of a trained counsellor, a psychiatrist and an occupational therapist, but now gets nothing at all due to the Tories cutting mental health care. He has been asking his GP to be referred to specialist counselling for many years to no use, the excuse being that 'he is addicted to Diazepam' and needs to come off this first. The thing is, you woudn't take someone with a newly broken leg straight off painkillers without fixing the leg? Well, same with my father. My father has deeply engrained issues that need looking at first before touching medication can even be considered. His GP most recently has started telling my father that she would like him to come off his medication, which, coupled with the fact that he has been addicted to them for 30 years with the fact he is being offered no help to moniter the situation, is both cruel and extremely dangerous.    My father told me he is planning on killing himself. He lives alone and i am his only friend/contact. I love him and am determined to get him help. 


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