Please help save my kitten Drogo :(

by Vanessa Kurbus Štuhec in Surbiton, England, United Kingdom

Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I am trying to raise money to pay the vet bills and an hip/pelvis operation for my baby kitten, which he has broken in a accident…:( :(

by Vanessa Kurbus Štuhec in Surbiton, England, United Kingdom

Hello, this wonderful black Kitten is named Drogo and he is only 5 months old...on Saturday morning he had a terrible accident and broke his pelvis and hip bones. The vet tells me that I only have two options, operating as soon as possible on him or put him down! I even don't wanna think about the second option, because I love him and he is my family! The problem is that the operation is very expensive and my low income is not enough to cover it, I literally don't have the money! :( :( All together it will cost me about 2000 Pounds!

Charities also won't take him, because I am not on YOU good people are his only chance!
He is a very active, cheeky, happy kitten. He loves to cuddle with my host children(I work as an Mother's Help), play and run around with his sister Aslan. We all already miss him a lot and hope everything turns out good!

Eternally grateful

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