by Claire Brown in Salperton, England, United Kingdom

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I am raising funds for 12 year old Charlie Ilsley's Immunotherapy treatment, offering his best shot at kicking cancer.

by Claire Brown in Salperton, England, United Kingdom

Charlie is just 12 years old, and he has one last shot, but a very good shot, of kicking out cancer to lead a happy, healthy life.

I wanted to help raise funds because I saw Charlie’s plight on Channel 4’s Stand Up To Cancer campaign, and felt compelled to do something. His story has stuck with me ever since, which has resulted in a recent meeting with Charlie and his mother Toni, who has asked me to help with fundraising for her son.

Charlie's heartbreaking story . . .

In 2015, at just aged 8, he was diagnosed with a brain tumour called a medulloblastoma. He endured emergency surgery to remove the tumour and then many rounds of radiation followed by four stem cells transplants.

He was recovering well, until the devastating news in March 2018 that the tumour had returned in two places on his spine. Two further rounds of chemo didn't halt the growth and the tumours unfortunately doubled in size during this period.

In early 2019, he underwent Cyberknife treatment in Turkey at a huge cost, which the NHS would not fund. Although Cyberknife treatment is a precise, painless and non-invasive radiosurgery, the side effects from his stem cell transplant which was part of the process made him very ill, resulting in a long stay on an isolation ward. And a long way from home too!

So here we are now, Summer 2019. Since Charlie's return to the UK in April, his follow-up scan was clear which is brilliant news. He continues to do well and is feeling good. He's returned to school part-time and has even enjoyed a few chilled afternoons in his inflatable swimming pool in the back garden.

Charlie's greatest chance . . .

To offer hope of a long-term cure, he has gone to Germany for an initial course of immunotherapy, starting 29th July. A team of doctors will work in a completely bespoke way. Patients on this programme are having amazing results. The doctors will examine his cancer at DNA level, then prescribe a highly-targeted, specific course of immunotherapy treatment.

There are no adverse effects and it is not like chemotherapy; it works by teaching his own immune system to fight and recognise cancer cells and destroy them before they grow. The several stages of treatment will cost £50,000, which Charlie's family needs to somehow find. The programme will involve several course of treatments and numerous trips back and forth to Germany, so his family are desperate to ensure they somehow secure the funding for him to continue and complete the whole course, to give Charlie his best shot of a cure.

Charlie needs OUR HELP to save him . . .

We'll do whatever it takes to hit this amount and give the life Charlie deserves. Every single penny will be gratefully received, appreciated and put to good use. 

Please give what you can, just a few quid will make all the difference. Share this, talk about it, do whatever you can to raise awareness.

If you’re not able to donate, please share

Even if you can’t afford to donate yourself, I’d be really grateful if you could share this with anyone you think may be willing or able to help by clicking the buttons below my photo at the top of the page.

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported Charlie so far, it couldn't be done without your generosity or kindness. And of course Charlie's family's will to keep fighting.

All funds raised from this page will be transferred directly to the family.

Thanks for reading. Let's fight for Charlie. 

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