Please Help Pudge

Please Help Pudge

Raise funds for our poorly pooch

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Pudge is a 10 year old Jack Russell cross. She is the life and soul of the house and is the best friend to my mum who suffers numerous mental health problems.

We noticed that Pudge wasn’t herself and she began to isolate herself. One side of her face drooped and her eye began to water. The next day her head was tilted and one half of her body had become weak. She could no longer jump up on her favourite chair or jump into bed with my mum without her legs giving way.

She had fallen a few times so enough was enough.

My mum, like many cant work due to mental illness and is mostly bound to the house. We thought that Pudge was insured but she isn’t. This has absolutely ripped my mum’s world apart.

My mum is on a low income and I cannot afford the specialist care that she will need.

I am asking for animal lovers to please help. This dog is more than a pet, shes family and a dog that helps my mum with her illness.

Whatever is left from the treatment I will donate to the local dogs home.