Please help my Jaw!

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Please help my Jaw!


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My aim is to raise money for a TMJ night guard to relieve stress from my dislocated jaw joins.

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Ever since I had some bad orthodontist work done as a child I wondered to myself, why is my jaw cracking every time I open and close my mouth?
I didn't think of it as a huge problem until one morning my jaw was completely locked closed and I could not do anything for over 8 hours until I heard a crack and It was fine again.

Over the years I lived with this, frequent locked jaw, constantly cracking when I yawned, or ate food, drank and even spoke. It was scary. I had constant migraines and trouble seeing, I felt week, I was afraid to do anything.

It took a serious impact on my mental health.~
It still does.

I finally got referred to a local surgeon, 

My Oral surgeon came to the conclusion that it was in fact due to bad ortho work as a child, my bite is misaligned, my jaw muscles are tightening, my jaw disc is very slowly wearing away, until it will become bone on bone, I will get severe arthritis and my jaw will lock forever.

Unless something is done about it now.

I have been prescribed many medicines for it and asked to do many exercises to train the muscle protecting my jaw but it has not helped.

The next step is for us to try and fit a night guard onto my lower mandible to wear all night and partially during the day. The total cost of this will be £263.50 but I have managed to fund some myself.

I am unemployed due to my mental health and having this jaw problem is not making my life easier.

I truly hope some kind people out here can help me on my road to recovery, and my road to not being scared to eat or talk anymore.

Thank you!

Amber :)

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