Please Donate,Help The Homeless,Cold Months Ahead.

by Franco in Shipley, England, United Kingdom

Please Donate,Help The Homeless,Cold Months Ahead.
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Im wanting to help the homeless in there time of need,freezing cold months ahead as its winter,I want to give them Christmas card with £20.

by Franco in Shipley, England, United Kingdom

Hi,I am wanting to raise money for the homeless in there time of need,freezing cold months ahead which has now started,for the winter months and Christmas especially,and the freezing months that follow after Christmas,I am wanting to hand out a £20 pound note out for each homeless person I find inside a Christmas card,so they can at least buy something to try help them keep warm in e.g. a socks,a thermal hat and a warm drink and a meal.

I will need to donate a number of times per person,over the freezing cold months ahead.

I will also need some monies for help with petrol costs to help me travel to do the hand outs as will need to travel to different locations,often.

Please help me help them and donate generously as there are a lot of homeless people out there and I do not want them freezing to death,they need our help now for a warm coat,food,and hot drinks at least.

It is no joke, 554 homeless people have died in the UK since last winter.

Any help is appreciated.

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