Please help me to Patent my invention.

Please help me to Patent my invention.

I am looking to raise £3500 to pay for a patent attorney to search and draw up a patent for my invention.

We did it!

On 9th Jan 2018 we successfully raised £201 with 2 supporters in 56 days

I have designed and created a name and logo for my invention which for copyright reasons I unfortunately can not disclose. I have however had this idea for over ten years now, I have always had every intention on funding this project myself but due to family commitments have never been able to get close to what I need. 

This idea has great potential to be extremely successful, I have sent the idea to two inventor companies who both signed a legally binding document so they cannot steal the idea. Both came back to me with extremely positive feedback and wanted me to sign up with them. I have however been advised that I should persue this by myself hence why I am reluctantly asking for help from you guys. The idea is very simple and each unit costs very little to make. There is surprisingly nothing like this in the world and once I can get the item patented I can then approach investors.

If I can make this item a success which there is no doubt in my mind it won’t be, I want to be able to give help to charities. I am a strong believer in the notion of; if you receive help you must one day provide more in return.

Please help me and be part of creating a new successful product. I am desperate to create this before someone else stumbles across the same idea.

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