Please help me to save my home

by Caroline in Widnes, England, United Kingdom

Please help me to save my home
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I’m in desperate need of help to save my home

by Caroline in Widnes, England, United Kingdom

I’ve worked full time since the age of 15 (I’m now 35) I’ve struggled financially for many years. I have three children and do my best to provide a roof over their heads and bring food to the table. With payment plans in place everything had been going well up until the opening of the Mersey gateway bridge. As a resident I pay a small annual fee to cross this bridge, however due to a miscommunication and understanding I had been incorrectly fined toll charges, I have contested this on so many occasions.. anyone who has heard of this bridge will understand the trouble this is causing so many people. The fines incorrectly charged have been passed to a bailiff and the charges have increased to almost £4000 for bridge that only cost £2 to cross for a non resident (bearing in mind I had already paid my anual fee). The bailiffs came and demanded I pay or all my belongings would be removed.. after much heart ache and harm brought upon myself I had no choice but to uphold my mortgage money despite advising the bailiff I am vunrable and also was unable to afford a penny.. he was bothered about any of this.. anyway four weeks later I’m still fighting a loosing battle and now I face repossession of my home as this has resulted in me breaking my payment plan. For my kids sake I can’t loose the house as I’m not strong enough to cope any more and this would tear us all apart. Please If theres anyone out there please help ????

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