Please help me to fund my Master's degree.

by KimBe in Bootle, Merseyside, England

Please help me to fund my Master's degree.
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I would like to raise funds to help to pay the fees and expenses for my master's degree in Language, Literacies and Dyslexia.

by KimBe in Bootle, Merseyside, England

I have been a teacher for 15 years and have always wanted to complete a masters degree. I have taught students with learning difficulties and disabilities for the past 10 years and would now like to become a specialist teacher. This master's program would allow me to assess children and adults for dyslexia as well as become a specialist teacher of dyslexia. I teach in a deprived area where parents don't usually have access to private testing or tutoring. I currently volunteer in two schools so I would like to use this qualification to support those schools with identifying language and literacy difficulties earlier so that children will get intervention as early as possible. I also teach several young people with language and literacy difficulties who would benefit enormously from having a specialist teacher. I am asking for help to fund this as I am a mum of four and will struggle to cover all of the costs associated with the course which is three years long. I have fees of £3450 each year as well as books, travel, computer, printer costs and am applying for any grants that I am able to. It is a long term dream of mine to be able to further my education, become a specialist and give back to the young people of my community and I would be extremely grateful for any support.

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