Please help me to be able to complete my degree!

Please help me to be able to complete my degree!

I am asking for help with my university tuition. I have already completed my first year of BSc (Hons) Acupuncture but now I need help.

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Project aim

 I have already completed my first year of BSc (Hons) Acupuncture but now I need help. I will pay all good will & good deeds forward!

About the project

I have wanted to be an acupuncturist for a very long time. Last year we moved to the UK (I am South African) so that I could study and follow my dream. 

Unfortunately my daughters father passed away shortly after we relocated here. Although he had been unwell for some time he wasn't ill and no-one expected his death. It was and still is a huge shock to my daughter and I. All of a sudden I found myself being a single parent to a sad and confused tween. Alone, in a new country and with limited resources. Things were really difficult and I hardly knew which way was up or which way was down.

What I did know was that I couldn't move my daughter again. She needed stability. I also knew that I still had a deep desire to study acupuncture.

We were blessed when a friend offered to help us financially. I also worked part-time as a a carer & somehow we got by. It was tough. Studying full time, working part-time and being there for my growing daughter. In spite of all the challenges I managed to pass my first year and my daughter excelled at school as well. She is now settled and content & we are processing the loss of her dad.

Soon the second year of my degree will start. Unfortunately my friend is not able to assist me financially the way he used to. The college tuition is £6200 and the university affiliation fee is £800. I need to pay the first installment of £2868 asap. The amount I'm hoping to raise is this plus Crowdfunder fees. Being a South African in the UK I am not entitled to any help from the government & I can not receive a student loan as I haven't been living in the UK for the required 3 yrs.

As I read the news, as I think of what so many other people are going through across the world, war, displacement, disease, I feel guilty for asking for this assistance. After all, my life isn't in danger & my daughter never goes to bed hungry. My struggles are dwarfed by the struggles of so many.

A friend of mine motivated me by telling me that I am the most generous person she knows & that I'm always willing to give even when I can't afford to. In my heart I know that this is true, I help when ever I can. She reminded me that it's ok for me to also ask for help once in a while. So here I am.

Any help I might receive I can guarantee that I will pay it forward in my life. 

We are planning to move back to South Africa after completion of my degree. My plan is to spend some of my time practicing in a wealthy area and some of my time practicing for free in the underpriviledged area of my city. This has always been part of my plan and, with some help, I still believe that this is possible!


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