Please help me support my mum through cancer!

Please help me support my mum through cancer!

 We have just found out that my mum has Oesophigal cancer. (Cancer of the gullet) Please help me to travel to visit her!

We did it!

On 10th Nov 2015 we successfully raised £991 of £500 target with 46 supporters in 0 days

New stretch target

If we go over the target, I will use the money to take my mum somewhere lovely in the UK and to do things she loves, like horse riding or go to a beautiful spa :)

 We have just found out that my mum has Oesophigal cancer. (Cancer of the gullet) We have also just found out that it is terminal.

This obviously brings pain on both our hearts and it seems that life has never finished throwing devestating things at my mum.

Not too long ago, her son, my half brother died after being very sick for a long time. This caused unbearable heartache for my mum and really broke her heart. She is currently in rehab for alcholism and severe depression. Things were starting to get better and now life has thrown this at her! As a young girl my mum suffered and throughout her life she has suffered. Things were improving recently but unfortunately this has happened.

Oesophigal cancer is one that is not really found until its too late. Now, we never had much money to live in a nice house or do nice things, but I had a childhood I would never change and my mum was always making me laugh and she still does! She is the strongest woman I know.

I only get to see her around twice a year because she is a six hour drive from me, in Lancashire. I can't drive and can only go when my boyfriend can drive me, which isn't often because of his work in a school. I really couldnt bear to only see her one more time this Christmas.

Please can you help me with the costs of seeing her (trains, buses and somewhere to stay) and to help make her Christmas a magical one?

Thank you so much for reading.


(The picture above is my mum holding me as a baby! I don't have many pictures of her because she's very camera shy!)


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