Please help me purchase a fully working harp!

Please help me make my dream come true by helping me buy a harp.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


Well I don't know what to say really, this is the first time I have every tried to do something like this! When I was in school I loved music but this was never something that could be quite supported due to my financial situation (and other reasons I can't quite discuss here). Against many odds, I am now currently self taught on piano, guitar and harp and have been using these skills as a small source of income alongside my masters degree, however the harp I purchased is more like an ornament than a fully functional harp. This is frustrating because it cost me £500 (alot of money for me) and as I keep getting asked to perform it seems like if I had a proper harp things would be good. All the equipment I have bought so far has taken a really really long time to get... for example I just bought a PA two weeks ago and I have been gigging for 2 years! My stage keyboard was last December (which I still owe money on and the reason I won't be accepted for another loan for a long time). It is my dream to make music and sometimes I feel that I am going to outgrow my chance by the time I can afford to buy the last pieces of equipment (I'm now 26). Which is why I decided to try this! All I've really needed is for people to believe in me and support what I do and playing the harp and singing is my dream. I understand there are people out there who are in serious need of help and this might seem like a silly cause to support... all I can say to this is that I have used every song I have ever written and released so far to try and raise money or awareness for other charities, one was "bronte, freedom" for service dogs and another recent one was a remembrance for 15 years since 9/11

Here is a video of me playing the harp, and piano (with my feet) and singing. I hope you can see my potential here (even though the video is bad quality)

The harp I wish to buy is a 34 String Stave Harp with a pick up from Kilarney Harps in the Republic of Ireland. It is 4400 euros which is around £3800 by googles estimation. 

If I have the chance to own this harp I promise to continue to use it to benefit others as well as myself. 

Thank you for your time!