I am not raising any fund. I am actually looking for a job. I've searching for a job for almost 3 years but to no avail. Please help me.

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Dear Everybody,

1.            I am Mohamad Zariffi bin Azmi, a retired Captain for the Royal Malaysian Army. I am married to my beautiful wife, Fahimah binti Saad, for 7 wonderful years now. Used to have a son but unfortunately he died at the age of 8 month due to Meningioenciphilathis in August 2011. I am now residing in a small town called Rawang. I am currently self-employed by selling gourmet meals using foodtruck.

2.           I have always wanted to work with an international company, especially when it involves retired military personal from other parts of the world as I didn’t have the opportunity when I was still in service due to the nature of my past position.

3.            With a consistent record throughout my career, I believe I offer the leadership and skills that would  benefit any company. A summary of the value I can bring to your company includes:

a.            Over 15 years of experience in leadership roles within complex operations, supervising diverse teams and managing programs/events within Malaysian Armed Forces.

b.            Advanced individual and team development skills, including training, re-training, mentoring, and evaluating performances. I use hands-on approach that will leads to improve performance.

c.            Highly adaptable and flexible gained through highly charged, mission-critical programs such as humanitarian relief efforts and military war-game exercises.

d.            A fast learner. Can fly solo but also a great team player.

4.            In particular, the strong relationship I can build with team members, upper management, government agencies, mass media and the community often results in win-win situations and will be a strong foundation for future success. I am certain that my team-focused, positive attitude would be a welcome addition to your company.

5.           I would welcome the opportunity for an interview to discuss your needs and the performance you can expect from me. I am hoping that your company can give me the chance and opportunity to become one of your employee. I really think that a job in an international company will bring me new experience which can’t be emulated by any company in my country. As an addition, as I mentioned before, I am currently self-employed. So, if you decides to give me a try, I can be mobilized anytime.

6.            I would like to thank you in advanced for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Capt Mohamad Zariffi Bin Azmi (Retired)