Please help me to avoid becoming bankrupt!

by Covid 19 Help the Self-Employed in Hampton Vale, England, United Kingdom

Please help me to avoid becoming bankrupt!
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To raise money to help me avoid filing for bankruptcy and potentially losing my family

by Covid 19 Help the Self-Employed in Hampton Vale, England, United Kingdom

I have always tried hard in life, however due to being irresponsible during my late teens and early 20's, where I kept borrowing money, I am now paying the price.  I had to leave my last job as I was essentially "managed out".  I decided to become self-employed and so far, the move has been encouraging.  I am working very long hours to build a pipeline of business, however I require financial help at this early stage.  I am having to service existing debt with high rates of interest and unable to re-structure due to being self-employed with no regular income.  The money I want to raise will help me clear-off my debt and allow me to have the best possible chance in being successful.  At the moment, I am running on my last £5,000 of savings and need help.  The help I need is not to provide me with money to live on, but money to clear my debts, to allow me to live on the little that I am earning.  Everyone deserves a second chance and this is me asking for this second chance.  Thank you for reading and thank you for your donation.

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