Please help Max to get much needed surgery.

by Tony Baxter in St. Dennis, England, United Kingdom

Please help Max to get much needed surgery.


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Overview.Max is an 8 year old much loved family pet, who  urgently needs crucial ligament surgery on both knees.He is a fun loving very soc...

by Tony Baxter in St. Dennis, England, United Kingdom


Max is an 8 year old much loved family pet, who  urgently needs crucial ligament surgery on both knees.

He is a fun loving very social lad who grins at people and loves attention. He is one of 2 Jack Rusells in the family. The vet has diagnosed that he urgently needs the left knee done but his right knee needs doing also so one operation to correct both knees with be easier on Max than to put him through two seperate operations.

Some history.

I was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer in 2004, having the previous year being diagnosed with Parkinsons disease. Throughout the dark days of major life saving surgery followed by intense chemotherapy, Max was constantly by my side, this lad seems to have a sixth sense and he sensed the days when I was at a low point and he was there for me constantly. I am totaly conviced that both dogs but Max in particular brought me through the darkness of cancer. I am now in remission but of course we dont know what  the future may bring.

I also have a young adult daughter at home with me, who has a learning disability, and boy these two dogs protect her, again the  sixth sense dogs seem to have.


You may rightly ask why dont I have pet insurance to cover this surgery, simply, having now living on sickness benefits due to the Parkinsons and cancer, I had to make some savings and sadly the cost of insurance for these two dogs was getting astronomical so I had to make the decision to stop the insurance and I have a vets bill account that I use for day to day vet costs. They do of course both have petplans which cover annual vaccinations, flea and worm treatments etc. 

This crucial ligament surgery on both his knees was very unexpected and I do not have enough in his vet bill account to cover this. I dont want to enter the winter months with Max in pain and hopping along on 3 legs as he is now. The sooner he can have his surgery the better for the little chap.

Why Crowdfunding,

To be honest this is a last resort, I am not one to ask for help, but I have to put Max first, and repay in some little way the loyalty and friendship he has afforded this family and particularly me in his lifetime. I have tried the RSPCA to no avail as they have not a service in my area. 

Any help through this appeal will directly help Max with any surplass helping in his after care.

Can I ask that you share this with your friends and friends of friends to give Max every chance of getting this surgery as soon as possible. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Let's make 'Please help Max to get much needed surgery.' happen

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