Please help make my life complete

Project by Kelly
Please help make my life complete

The aim of this is to help me and my family in many ways for a better life for us all

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

So I'm an army wife away from home and family( my choice never the less it's a very hard life) I suffer with aneixty also but earlier this year ,17 months after having my little one, I decided to try to start my own cleaning business with a friend. It was going very well but have hit alot of personal snags along the way

My cat was run over(£5000 later, no insurance stupidly)

My business partner left the company and left me in a fair bit of dismay with clients.

Then my husband's who was on non deployment is now on full deployment which meant I had to give up a fair few commercial jobs I had due to the unsocialble hours and having a 17 month old.

All I want is security for my family, I've never had much but now having my daughter I want her to be set up in life, hence why I started the business.

It's hard enough with being alone where I am but suffering with anxiety also has made this journey very hard .. but I'm here.

I would love help to help me get more materials and perhaps a decent van I can use to equipt myself to build my business to the full maximum I can. Or help pay the loan off I have as currently I work to pay for childcare,loan bills etc. I know this is most people's predicaments I just feel it's two steps forward 5 back .

Please help make my life that little easier for my family that's all I ask.

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