Please Help Tapestry Arts Stay Alive

by Tapestry Arts in Bradford, England, United Kingdom

Please Help Tapestry Arts Stay Alive


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We’ve been left to rot by the people who were in charge of distributing the Culture Recovery Fund and we need funding to stay alive.

by Tapestry Arts in Bradford, England, United Kingdom

1605140087_15b8f642-545b-4b9e-9a0f-6eb37ba67ece.jpegWe are humbly asking for the support of our customers and community during these testing times.  


In January 2019 we undertook the refurbishment of a 10,000 square feet building formally known as Factory Street Studios in Dudley Hill.

In October 2019 we launched Tapestry Arts, a licensed community arts and performance space. 

Slowly but surely, we worked tirelessly programming, to establish different nights, ranging from comedy, to live gigs, masterclass events, monthly local artiste showcases, musicians networking jam nights, even a fortnightly charity quiz night and much much more, including the hosting of large school concerts. 

As with any new venture, especially one connected with the arts, there was to be a lot of blood, sweat and tears shed, in order to realise our dream. Not to mention substantial financial investment. 

Things were picking up nicely with attendance numbers rising organically. As we nurtured Tapestry through post Christmas January & February blues period, we were very happy with the progress we were making. 

Then BANG, like a bolt out of the blue, along came coronavirus (aka COVID-19) and on Tuesday 17th March 2020, we took the heart wrenching, yet responsible decision to close our doors, until it's announced safe to reopen by the government. It was a very tough and emotional decision and one that could quickly and easily sink us. However in the interest of public well being and in an attempt to help contain and slow down the virus, it's a decision we were prepared to live or die by, although we had no idea it would last this long. 

As a new business and we hadn't grown with enough cash flow, to be in front. We had been reinvesting all monies into our cafe which was due to launch at the end of March. 

After further considerable investment, we finally opened the cafe in mid August 2020 and on Sept 04th 2020 we began hosting a limited number of live music & comedy events to a very reduced capacity in order to keep the venue a safe place and covid compliant. 

Needless to say the overheads of running the complex far outweighed the money that was coming in, however it was keeping us afloat and having a positive outlook we had hoped for this to turnaround. 

We were completely ignored by the governments Culture Recovery Fund and were told we weren’t eligible to be allocated any money from the fund. 

Then on November 05th 2020 we had to close our doors yet again and subsequently had to cancel events yet again. The incoming bills aren’t slowing aren’t slowing down and we have now reached the end of our reserves. 

In reality we have no firm idea of when we can start to programme events and open up again. Until restrictions are fully lifted, there is little point in us trying to operate, as we will only continue to lose money.  

If any of our loyal customers or people who use/may use the complex could possibly spare us a small donation, to help us cover our hefty overheads and stay afloat, we would be eternally grateful. 

We promise we will be back just as soon as this nightmare is over.

Please stay safe xx

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