Home For Homeless

Home For Homeless

I am homeless, i 'live' in a disused public toilet, iv been here for months, this is a real nightmare .i have no way out with out some help

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   I was evicted after a client of mine (i was a volentry drug support worker) became dangerously and potentially violently/mentally  unstable while withdrawing from drug addiction. i was very unwell at the time and in no fit state to defend myself had i been attacked.  at the time i was living in a hostle that is there to help re-house unsettled people (supported housing). i had been to the police 3-4 times, the hostle staff,  the hospital twice, the doctor other drug support workers in an effort to get this guy some help, no one would help, the police said that they "could not do anything untill he does something". i was in fear for my safety, and if i had forced to defend myself i had put a paper weight in a sock, this would of been a last resort ofcourse. 

  One morning a staff member came to see how i was, i showed her the paper weight, and begged her to help me, the police were called, i was evicted by armed police. I was not allowed back in to my room, i was kicked out with no change of cloaths, no money and no food with no where to go.  this i remind you, by a 'charty' that is there to house homeless people, and 'unsettled' people.  2 days after they evicted me, they locked my client out of his hostle because they were in fear for the safety of the residents....yes...thats right....there is an appeals process, but i was not offered one.

  This is where i 'live', a disused public toilet.



  These 'hostles' claim to help homeless people, yet they charge, on adverage, around 300 pounds per week for the eqivalent of a 'bed-sit' (single room), they trap you there, i need to earn 1.200.00 pounds per month just to pay the rent, so to pay the rent, feed myself, travel to work, buy cloaths and save up to move out i need to earn around 2000.00 pounds a month. these places have a 'time limit' if you have not found a move on address they kick you out, back on the streets, to start the cycle again.

Any help, however small will make a massive differance to me, thank you and god bless.

LINKS: https://www.rt.com/uk/337030-homelessness-housing-crisis-shelter/





please help me,

I just want my life back.

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