Please help get my beardie, smaug to a specialist

by Charlotte Birch in Taunton, England, United Kingdom

Please help get my beardie, smaug to a specialist
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My beautiful scaley son is very unwell. I need help with the costs of specialist exotic vet bills, treatments and medications. I am chronica...

by Charlotte Birch in Taunton, England, United Kingdom


My beautiful scaley son is very unwell. I need help with the costs of specialist exotic vet bills, treatments and medications. I am chronically ill so cannot work, I have no money as I used all the savings I had for his last vet visit. 

He was diagnosed with having fluid in the abdomen and around his heart, he also has cardiomyopathy. We aren't 100% sure why this has happened, but he has always had trouble absorbing proteins due to his poor care from previous owners. 

I rescued smaug over 6 years ago, he was being neglected by his owner, he was kept in a cold garage, no UVB, and his diet consisted of just mealworms. They didn't know how old he was, but we've guestimated he's around 10-12 years old now. It was a very difficult few months when I first got him, he had already developed MBD, underweight and malnourished. It took a long time to get him healthy but after a lot of hard work and dedication I got him healthy and how a normal beardie should be. 

For the last 6 years I've had him, there has been ups and downs but mostly it was nothing serious but what's happening now is very serious, and I need to try and find a way to get him better. I will fight the best I can to resolve this. 

We both saved each other, I was going through some very bad mental health problems, and he brightened up my world and I helped brighten up his, our bond became stronger each day and now the bond is unbreakable. I would lay down my life for him if need be, he is my world, my son and the thought of losing him kills me a little bit each time. 

I was very reluctant to do this, I feel awful doing so because I know everyone is struggling financially due to Covid 19 but I desperately need help, I need to get him to a dedicated reptile specialist to see if anything can be done for the problems he has, maybe they will be able to put him on a medication or maybe a procedure would help him, I don't know yet. I am currently waiting for his referral to go through. I will provide all the receipts to show proof where the money will be going. I am unsure how much this will all come to, it may be more or may be less than the goal I've set. I may have to adjust the goal at some point. If there is any money left over it will go towards his care, and making him comfortable or to help pay for medications. 

Even if you can only donate £1 that is absolutely fine, every penny, or pound will help and if you can't donate, it would be amazing if you could share this fundraiser. 

Thank you for reading, please help save my son. 


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