Please help get a new writer off to a good start

Please help get a new writer off to a good start


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HELP! I am a new freelance writer following my dream but struggling financially while I get things off the ground. I am writing about travel, lifestyle, literature, and global issues including women’s rights and human rights, in particular, I want to champion sustainable and responsible travel, and highlight issues facing women globally as well as in the UK. I have wanted to write since I was at school.

As I am sure many of you know this path does not pay well. The amount of time you initially have to spend communicating your ideas to editors before getting assignments and being paid means cash flow is a huge problem at the start.

I need an extra £300 per month for the next three - four months to ensure I can cover my rent, eat and stay connected the world. The money will literally pay for food, my internet and phone connections and my current (argh) rent arrears so I am not evicted. As I start to get more assignments I won’t need this extra cash.

WHY ME? Well,  I work like a demon and am totally dedicated to making this happen. I think people will enjoy my writing and want to read what I have to say. I have already published work in Breathe Magazine, a new UK print publication, and I am currently working on pieces for three travel publications including BBC Travel.

As a freelancer I can’t get a loan as I haven’t been able to prove I have enough regular income yet. That’s the tough thing about starting out as a freelancer. There is no way round it.

In my spare time, I voluntarily edit a blog for students and young people to voice their opinions on global issues and I give my knowledge for free. I recently wrote about the possibility that the Humans Right Act will be abolished. I believe in people being informed, connected, powerful citizens and good journalism can help make that happen!


  1. I am happy to help you with anything you need writing-wise, from an important letter to a CV or report. I am especially good at cover letters for jobs! I am also a good copy editor and proofreader and would be happy to proofread reports, essays, or any other document for you. A second pair of eyes is always worth it. I can look at your blog posts, advise on your website, thesis, or anything really!
  2. The chance to see my writing career take flight and know that you were part of making it happen for me.  I will send you a round-up of everything I publish in the three/four months. Who knows where it might lead?