Please help Connor with legal representation

by  in Dukinfield, England, United Kingdom

Please help Connor with legal representation
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3 years of the wrong placement has resulted in a very stressed out young man we need legal representation at his tribunal to sort this asap.

by in Dukinfield, England, United Kingdom

Connor is a bright young man, who has a lot of potential a winning smile and a great artist. He has Autism, communication delay , sensory processing disorder and behavioural difficuties associated with all of this.

He understands so much more than he can express and so desperatley needs the correct educational placement in order to tap into this  potential.

For the past 3 years we have been trying to sort out Connors EHC plan and suitable placement arrangments at seashell trust manchester( previously the royal deaf school) who specialise in communicational needs as well as sensory and autism with the most amazing onsite facilities,specialists and staff .we havent been able to appeal any descision of the process as a result of procedure not being followed properly by the local authority unitil now.

Connor has been in the local provision ( a main stream college with attatched unit)  which has been detrimental to his mental health and progress as a result of not having the specialist support he requires.This has caused him a great deal of distress resulting in extremely challenging behaviours and self harm.

He is currently at home ( settled but evident he needs help )  with a 3 year placement waiting at seashell trust who we are confident can help him achive so much more . The local authority have decided to challenge this at  every turn. We have a date for the tribunal 30th October for which we really need legal representation from our solicitor and a psychologist to argue his case .Unfortunately as a result of Connor not being in a placement and not being able to work we have faced a loss in our familys weekly income of a considerable amount and need to explore other avenues to fund this representation as soon as possible.

As Connors mum I dont usually ask for help from anyone . This is different.... I feel, for Connor This case is crucial in order to secure correct future provision that will help Connor be the man he so desperatly wants to be and of course ease his current mental state. As a mum I find it so frustrating that I cant help him in the way he needs but always try my best my boys are my life! 

So please , any help in this would be very much appreciated xx 

Many thanks 

Fiona Doyle ( on behalf of Connor ) 


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