Please help Christina qualify!

Please help Christina qualify!

Who am I?My name is Christina Guerrero and I am an international student from England.·I and going to Finland to study Masters in...

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Who am I?

My name is Christina Guerrero and I am an international student from England.

·I and going to Finland to study Masters in Architecture at the University of Oulu, a course that I love and have put much effort in qualifying to this stage – discovering new research and development in future-proof architectural design as my passion and strength!

My dream is to finish my studies and become a qualified architect. I would like to obtain this degree that will enable me to be able to practice my field and be able to finally (after literally enduring blood, sweat, tears and carpal tunnel) be able to call myself an architect 

In order for me to be to be able to study at my dream school, I have to be able to survive the arctic winters there with money that I have raised myself. I have only given £100 a month income secured so far from my parents. This, although generous, is not enough for me to be able to live, since I have to also help pay for a mortgage that I have with my partner as well as pay for rent at university. The course is very intense and full time, so I will have very little time for a job outside of school. The average living costs for a student in Oulu is 900euro a month. I will obviously trying to curb my spending but I also have a mortage of £400 a month to pay at home as well has help support my 2 step children, who are 10 and 5. 

For those of you who do not know me, I have always been working hard to help cover my tuition and personal expenses. While I was attending the University of Sheffield and on my Part 1 Placement at BDP, a large architectural firm, I was able to save some money to help support myself, my partner and his two children. I was also able to save up for a deposit for a house to allow my new, young family with some stability. Unfortunately, I have run out of savings due to unexpected expenses. I will not be able to receive student finance in order to continue my studies on account of my going to study abroad. Although I could study at home, to make life easier, I am already in £51,000 of student debt and feel that I cannot afford to add onto this if I ever want to rid myself of it. Studying in Europe is free for me! It's a preferable solution. 

I want to go to Finland because I have a huge ambition to become a pioneer in climate-change-defying, future-proof architectural stratgies. I also adore Scandinavian design. I want to be able to help the world by creating buildings that not only help reduce our carbon footprint, but become more resillient buildings that will hold up in extreme environments and changing climates. Since Scandinavia is pioneering in design and climate-change-related innovation, I know that going to study in the arctic alongside these maveriks is the right way to go. 

Being independent and hardworking, it is difficult to ask for help. But everyone needs a hand once in a while, and I see my limitations. I cannot even begin to express how deeply grateful I would be for your support. Anything you could give would mean the world to me! Please help. Post and repost this so that your friends or their friends may give a spare £1 that they may have floating around. You will be rewarded with love, gratitude, and the joy of knowing I am one step closer to achieving one of the most important things in my life. I will be the first one in my family to graduate from university, help me make this happen.

I would be forever grateful.

Christina Guerrero