Please help as government won't

by Paul cotton in Treherbert, Wales, United Kingdom

Please help as government won't
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

My wife and I are trying to raise enough money so we can move nearer my last living close relative my father as he needs help and support.

by Paul cotton in Treherbert, Wales, United Kingdom

Please please please help? Unfortunate due to a work related injury I am now disabled up until being retired from work due to my injury 10 years ago I had worked all my life.

Due to this I am having to claim  employment and Support allowance.  The problem is due to me working I am claiming contribution related esa compared to income related esa.

Due to this (me working the majority of my life and paying my national insurance) I cannot apply for any of the government loans or grants. Yet if I had not worked and was on the other esa I could get any loan????

We are in real need to raise this money as my father has several medical conditions including a heart conditions. So we have decided that we should try and move closer to him so we can help him as much as possible.

Unfortunately being on benefits we do not have the money to pay for removal costs the first months rent and the deposit on the property to be nearer my father.

With any luck there are people out there who understand our problem and are willing to help us please as I panic every day over the thought that I live too far away to help my father if anything serious happens.

Let's make 'Please help as government won't' happen