Please Don't Wash Your Hands of Us!

by The Acorn in Penzance, England, United Kingdom

Please Don't Wash Your Hands of Us!
We did it
On 29th July 2020 we successfully raised £9,652 with 329 supporters in 28 days

Please join me and make a difference? Every donation will help. Thank you in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much

by The Acorn in Penzance, England, United Kingdom

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Janet Baker 28th July 2020

The Acorn provides so much, on so many different levels to Penzance, the local and more widespread community. It is such a wonderful asset to have. We all benefit. We love the Acorn!

Kate Morris 27th July 2020

I've loved working at The Acorn. I've loved rehearsing at The Acorn. I've loved performing at The Acorn. I've loved partying at The Acorn. And I love visiting The Acorn. It's a truly special place x

Carol Ward 27th July 2020

OPEN UP! Can't wait to see a show.......... Take my temperature, money, make me wear a visor - just make the show go on. Could we sign a disclaimer? As long as you feel safe and the players come let's go!!

dombenson 25th July 2020

From Wizz Jones to The Archers, Merry Pranksters to Dazed’n’Confused, The Acorn is a gem, deserving our support

Julie Carter 24th July 2020

We’ve performed, laughed, cried, partied, danced and truly loved The Acorn and need you in our lives FOREVER because you restore the heart and soul whenever we visit!

Danuta McLaughlin 23rd July 2020

Only visited once to see a Pink Floyd tribute group but loved the venue. We cannot allow these places to go out of business and am very happy to support them! Looking forward to another visit hopefully soon.

Colin Curbishley 22nd July 2020

Looking forward to seeing the Acorn open again and being able to restore the Shallal Open House community dance session. Thanks for your support of Shallal over the last 30 years. May all go well for one and all

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