Please can you help me have housing security?

by Melanie Convey in Southampton, England, United Kingdom

Please can you help me have housing security?
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UPDATE: I am blown away by the support so far in helping me to move out pronto when lockdown finishes - thank you! You have all helped to ea...

by Melanie Convey in Southampton, England, United Kingdom

UPDATE: I am blown away by the support so far in helping me to move out pronto when lockdown finishes - thank you! You have all helped to ease the stress of moving and I look forward to having you over at my place when this is all over!

ORIGINAL POST: I know this is bad timing to ask friends and family for financial help but I am currently in a very difficult living situation and would really appreciate any help to change my circumstances.

So, I have moved back to Southampton and have found a nursing job that I love and a part of the country that I want to call home.  I am currently a lodger in a live-in couples’ house and I have just been told that they’re expecting their first baby and have therefore asked me to move out so they can prepare the house.  

I know that the government have just banned all tenancy evictions for the next three months so I am legally protected to stay here but as an NHS worker I am worried about living in the same house as someone who is newly pregnant with corona virus lurking about.

I have started saving for a house deposit but I have not got the savings to just move out without preparation and I would like to get out of this awkward living situation as quickly as possible.

I have found an affordable social housing scheme that priorities key workers in my area and currently has a flat that I would love to move into. One of the reasons it is cheaper is because they expect you to be saving up for a house deposit which would suit me particularly.

I could move out into another houseshare but I am so desperate to have my own little home and a space that I could welcome family and friends to without worrying about other people all the time.  This would give me housing security whilst I saved up for a housing deposit and I seriously think it would change my life if this could happen!

So I am asking if anyone could help me with the first months rent, deposit, fees and moving costs please. Any help with this would dramatically reduce my stress and anxiety whilst working full time in the NHS at the moment and looking for somewhere to live.

I have included a link to the flat in question. Also, It’s my birthday on Easter Sunday and I’m currently going to be spending it in a house with people who don’t want me there... you could think of it as the best birthday present ever!

Much love to you all, I hope you are all safe and well xxx

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