Please Bring My mam Home

by helen boyd in Newton Aycliffe, England, United Kingdom

Please Bring My mam Home
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Please Help me bring my MAM home

by helen boyd in Newton Aycliffe, England, United Kingdom

My mam is 81 with Dementia and she is too Ill to travel by ordinary ambulance or car, she needs a specialist medical transport and a paramedic helicopter will be thebest option as it dosent take as long either for the journey.

 My mam went to live in East Sussex  to look after her sister who had Dementia and my mam didn’t want her sister to die with no one there to look after her.

My mam is the kindest, nicest person you can meet, any cause on the tv and my mam would do something about it, she gave to charity's and walked dogs for the elderly.

My mam has Dementia and is in a care home in East Sussex. I can only afford to visit her every 3-4 months, I want to bring my mam home to Newton Aycliffe in Co Durham, so I can visit her every day, so I can fill her room with flowers and photos and play her favorite music every day.

I'm appealing to you as a daughter, but if you have someone in your life as a mother figure who you love and care for dearly then please think about time, memory’s, and life. Don't be like me who has realized Ive ran out of time for those phone calls, or words of wisdom or just that hug. I didn’t see the sign of the Dementia, I thought I had loads of time with my mam, but sadly now she can’t ring me, she can’t tell me she loves me.

 I didn’t think about the life cycle of one day I was going to be the head of the family and I was going to be the grandmother. I took my mam for granted that she would always be here for me, we would talk for ages on the phone, go shopping, watch the soaps, holidays together, she would give me relationship advice and old wife’s tales and the wisdom and the knowledge my mam knew was amazing because she was right.

Please help me bring my mam home, closer to me so we can spend her precious time left together, and please remember to pick up the phone and tell your love one you love them and how much you want to thank them for being your MaM.

The photo is my mam with her great granddaughter , I was lucky enough to bring my granddaughter to see my mam it would be lovely to have that opportunity again when my mam comes home.

Please can you share my story and thank you all very much for the kindness you are showing me and my mam today.

PS my profile picture is my mam, with my aunty in the pink in the middle and me.

thank you for your kindness

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