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Help us build an E-learning platform to empower more people from the underrepresented minorities in the UK.

by Sheli Lunawat in London, England, United Kingdom

We are Puzzle2Teach, a team at Jigsaw House and we believe everyone should have the opportunity to change their lives or be able to feel empowered to start a business without the limitations of being a minority in the UK. Here at Jigsaw House, we run bespoke entrepreneurial training courses to the underrepresented minorities. The courses are delivered in workshops where we work with the people on different aspects of the business training. However these workshops cannot be run everyday and we have to spend a lot of the time in communities to let people know about the training we offer. Even though we fill up the training, we believe there is room for improvement and empower more people than we currently do .

Those pictures show how the training is currently being delivered and below are some issues we are facing as well as how we plan to address the issues and keep empowering the underrepresented minorities in the UK.

Government reports show that nearly 8% of the ethnic minority population were involved in starting or running a new business  in 2017– compared to 14.5% of the white population. With more of our training we could try increase the number of ethnic minorities involved in business.

Problem with the current method

Our training is only available in English, however there are different minorities in the UK who do not speak English as their first language. This means that those people might not be able to be empowered under our current way of training simply because they do not understand English properly. Even though English is the language used in business in the UK,  we believe that when people are learning English they should also be able to empower themselves with business knowledge so when they are able to speak and understand English better, they have another option in life. 

Apart from language being one of the problem we are facing and wanting to solve. Another problem we would like to improve is the limited amount of reach and limited amount of people being able to complete the training at one time. Since we have to currently go out top communities and ask people to attend the training, this limits the amount of people we can reach and empower due to the fact that people who might be interested could easily be missed out as we are unable to talk most people in the communities at once. Also there are 8.2 million people in the UK considered to be underrepresented minorities but we can only train about 15-20 people per session. We believe we can increase the amount people we tell about the training and amount of people who we train which will increase the amount of people who can be given a different option in life. 

Our proposal 

An E-learning platform

 In order to increase the amount of people we empower in communities, we are building an E-learning platform. The platform will solve the problems we are currently facing and also provide others benefits to the people we are trying to empower. For example the platform will allow the people to work through the programme’s course with interactive and easy to complete modules. From this  participants will:

· Gain a better understanding and awareness of needs and realities of young BAME carers in the UK.

·Gain an understanding of the needed skills to start and run a business.

·Practice learning with realistic case studies, establishing a sense of practical application to what has been learnt.

· Develop a positive thinking approach about young people focusing on their strengths.

The content of this online course would be independently certified and the course takers would be awarded a certificate.

This online training course was built on the findings of an in depth conversation with Jigsaw Housing Co. Ltd about the problems faced in reaching out to the BAME community. The problems were explained above, which were language barriers when teaching and the limit of the amount of we could empower per workshop. The platform will over the problem of the language barriers when teaching due to the fact that our courses will be delivered in a range of different languages and we can carter to people who might not be confident to learn in English. In terms of the amount of people we can reach and empower, we believe the platform can get more people than the workshop because we can promote it online and people can have 24 hours access to the courses. This means that the limitation of having a workshop with limited spaces is removed because the platform can empower unlimited amount of people as long as they have an internet connection. Creating a platform also allows us to add more languages and more courses as we get more people wanting to have a different option in live.

Key Questions

Who is going to run the platform?

Jigsaw House  

 How do we plan to get the people to use the platform?

Since our platform focuses on delivering bespoke training, we believe this will encourage people to take a course on our platform because we carter to their problems and needs. For example if the person planning on using the platform learns best from videos compared to text then our platform will mainly deliver the course through video. Apart from catering to different learning styles, we plan to get people to use the platform by delivering the courses in the language they are most confident to learn in. For the people to find out about the platform and its benefits, we plan to keep using the current method of going to communities and asking people to use the platform instead of going to a workshop. We also engage in other marketing methods such as targeted online marketing to the people who might need the courses we offer. The marketing will showcase the benefits of the courses and what the platform offers as well as examples of people who we have empowered before.

 Who developed the course?

Jigsaw House

Who are the underrepresented minorities?

Afro-Caribbean, East African, Asians, Manx, Chinese, Gypsies, South Asians, Welsh, Scots and Northern Ireland.

About us

Jigsaw House facilitates the space in which diverse people change the world through impactful projects. We value social change, diversity and sustainability in every sense. Our services come in two main pieces. People (Training/Recruitment) and Projects (Design/Delivery). Currently, we are working on specialist Training and Recruitment between the BME community and the Voluntary sector, as well as Entrepreneurship.

The Finances

How much do we need in total?

Making the platform:

Web storages: £800 

Web pages: £500

Feature: £1,300

  - Account register

  - Activity tracking

  - Individual student summary report

  - Video and content management

Content : £500

  - Video equipments and tools


  - Tutor/Coach

  - Video editor


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