Playstations for everyone

by Alex wardle in Bradnop, England, United Kingdom

Playstations for everyone


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To provide refurbished playstation consoles to families who might not be in a position to buy one , and provide a repair service for free.

by Alex wardle in Bradnop, England, United Kingdom


As a parent I've often heard the phrase 'can I have?' Lol, sometimes it was easy to say 'yes of course' other times I've had to say 'no' which hurts because you want to provide your kids with everything they need and want and feel a failure when you say 'no' 

The dreaded day came when I heard 'daddy, can I have a playstation please?'  Luckily I was in a position to provide one at that time, I was lucky, 2 years later and I'm not in a position to buy one and ive had to learn how to fix not only the console but the controllers as well.   A lot of time spent worrying about what to do if I couldnt fix them.

I know a lot of people will say ' you dont need a playstation, there a waste of money!' but to me it wasnt a waste of money, my kids have had many many happy hours and have lots of good memories and in some way a sense of achievement when they complete a level or get an award of some kind which I think is a good thing.


I will try to help as many families as possible, single parents, low income families, special guardians or families who have just hit a bad patch, perhaps close to a child's birthday or christmas.  Initially i will concentrate on my local area, perhaps working in conjunction with social services or sure start type organisations .


any money that is donated will go towards buying working ps4 consoles, controllers and any parts or supplies needed to refurbish them. If I get a sizeable amount of money i will also buy playstation plus membership to go with each console, that way free games can be downloaded saving the family more money.


I am hoping that after a months fundraising I will have enough money to start buying consoles and controllers and hopefully start distributing them by the end of the second month.  If that works out ok then I will continue that rhythm of one month fundraising, one month refurbing and delivering.


In the future I would like to continue providing consoles to families but with government funding/Grant's enabling me to buy brand new consoles and controllers and providing to families all over the uk.


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