Final engineering design required to launch a range of modular reusable play and exercise equipment for all the family.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


  • playBase is a completely revolutionary range of modular home and garden equipment designed to appeal to all members of the family.
  • It is our belief that playBase can make a significant positive impact on the wellbeing of any family that owns one; it has play, sport, exercise and relaxation uses all of which are good for our health.
  • Each of the playBase modules fits onto a large, freestanding, gyroscope structure called playBase which is an evolution of the classic human gyroscope as used by astronauts, fighter pilots and 1990’s science fiction films. 
  • Module components transform playBase into the variety of different applications, some static, some movable; they are quick to attach, high quality, robust and generally multi-use.
  • The incredibly versatile gyroscope structure provides a unique platform for a multitude of different applications making it a very efficient use of manufacturing resources.
  • playBase has no built in obsolescence and is something that could easily be passed down to the next generation.

Key Features

Highly modular, multiple uses

  • The 25 playBase modules currently developed cover play, sport, exercise, study, relaxation and sleep.
  • playBase has appeal to all age groups and should therefore keep pace with your children’s needs as they grow.

Quickly interchangeable

  • All modules have been designed to be switched over in minutes.

Visually stunning

  • The beautifully simple curved structure makes playBase an elegant addition to any home or garden.

High quality and durability

  • The main playBase aluminium components have been engineered to a high factor of safety and the choice of material means they can be left outside uncovered without fear of corrosion.
  • Unlike most consumer goods today there is no built in obsolescence.

Future proof and sustainability

  • The large range of development modules makes playBase something that is constantly evolving.
  • We believe passionately that it is better for our planet to reuse than to recycle and certainly not to discard.
  • All future modules will all be compatible with the basic PlayBase structure (unlike an iPad).
  • We will encourage others to come up with new module ideas.

Use of funds

  • Completion of Engineering Design (Oxford Product Design)
  • Certification
  • Tooling (extrusion die)
  • Pre-production prototypes