Play the Ward

Play the Ward

As a unique game, on a global platform, PLAY THE WARD will spread kindness and good deeds throughout the world.

We did it!

On 17th Jul 2017 we successfully raised £1,105 with 21 supporters in 28 days

 Here is your chance to help fund an entertaining business which could change the world

We are so close but yet so far apart

We are in a world which, because of the internet and technological advances, has brought people from all corners of the globe closer than ever. But with email and social networking dominating the way we communicate, there seems to be a lack of compassion, and a fear of interacting personally, with one another.  Additionally, it seems like external entities (politicians, social and news media, etc)  want  to encourage barriers between us. Creed. Nationality. Gender. Color. Political Party. We are so close but so far, at the moment. What if there was a game that could bring us all together?

Anyone can play - Everyone wins

THE WARD is a game built around a shared social networking platform, which recognizes acts of kindness and good deeds, shares them on a global platform and awards charitable contributions in several different categories. 

Now, more than ever, we need to open up  to one another as human beings. This game provides an infrastructure of hope to bind us all together, and have a fun time doing it. THE WARD shines a light on our responsibility to lift our heads up from our phones and lend our hands and hearts to those around us. You play by giving, and by acts of kindness, and it has no end.

The initial launch would be targeting specific areas of the US,  known for their unity and compassion, as well as a school in the local Waltham Forest area, in London and a school in Denver, Colorado.  There is no limit or borders as to how far the game can reach or how many people can play.

The Vision

It all started in a dream.  Our founder, Rob Steck, was visiting his parents in Colorado over Christmas in 2012 when he had a dream about helping other people,  paying it forward and tracking each act of kindness on a massive global map. He sketched out the dream and the idea for THE WARD at 430a , that day, sitting in his parent's kitchen.

"I am a married father of two young kids, who has put work first, over this dream, since 2012, but after this last year here in England, after the Election in the U.S. and all of the other pain and suffering in the world, we need this game, now more than ever."

What we need from you

We are in the early stages of building the business  which will require funding for the following:

  • trademark/patent
  • incorporation of business
  • platform development
  • product development
  • marketing, advertising, PR
  • legal fees
  • operating costs 

Next steps

Once the trademark/patent is registered we will be able to roll out the specific process, product,  rules of the game and potential revenues for THE WARD

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