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by Jacqson Diego Story Emporium in Essex, England, United Kingdom

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On 27th August 2016 we successfully raised £455 with 11 supporters in 56 days

To help more and more children share and explore books and stories on their own terms, through innovative projects and activities.

by Jacqson Diego Story Emporium in Essex, England, United Kingdom

85600-0a3282adda89a76357e66083570e13e7.jAt Jacqson Diego Story Emporium we invite children and families to become part of our community and engage with books and stories on their own terms, through exciting and innovative projects that challenge them to be part of the story. Somewhere, there is a book or story that will spark the imagination in every one of us and when that happens … it’s like magic to see confidence grow and people coming together in a new found space of joy.

Fun fact: stories actually change the way your brain works.

This year alone we have shared stories with thousands of people. With over 1000 children during National Share a Story Month, bringing stories to them in some amazing places. We have story adventures at Southend Hospital every month, bringing story time to the children waiting in the paediatric clinic and to the children’s ward, as well as providing extra special activities for children in hospital during national book events – like World Book Day and Bookstart Week. We’ve taken authors and poets into schools and community events. We’ve developed, facilitated and performed projects that bring books to life for children in schools and for children and families. We’ve been storytelling on beaches, in nurseries and in Windmills. 85600-de92c0a4c117588f5ed63fe4f612edd2.j

Our next major project is 4 words. 4words invites children to dip into stories, and find their own place amongst them by exploring world of written, spoken, performed and imagined stories. It takes you on a journey that moves you from sharing stories in ways you already know to trying something different. It brings together people from across the book world and the storytelling community, to join with children’s poets and artists to offer a chance to experience new forms of story sharing. And it provides space for laughter and imagination, offering a chance for children to develop their own responses to the stories and books they encounter.85600-cc4d5feb114c452a9d756e6bf6b2a10a.j

We are launching 4 words at the Village Green Festival in Southend on Sea on 8th and 9th of July 2016, creating an area of tents to house our poets, authors, storytellers and artists who will both inspire and share their work and ideas with the children who are at the event. We want expand and develop this project and make 4 Words available to more children and families. To do this we need your help.

We are self-funding 4 words to this point, but we have a large hole in our budget bucket that cannot be ignored if we are going to continue with all of our other commitments and develop the project to a point is can be shared with as many people who want to be part of it.


We need money to pay fees for our wonderful friends in the professional book and story community.

We need money to pay for venues because we have reached the point of having asked for so much from our creative partners, and we know they have to balance their own books.

We need money to pay the expenses of our lovely staff who do so much for free but sometimes need to eat.

We need money for props and craft resources and all the lovely things that bring our stories to life and let the children explore their own imaginative responses creatively.

We don’t ask lightly, and as you can see we don’t ask without having some things to offer you in thanks for your generosity.85600-0ce489118cd225a1609c37fc28303970.j

If you are an extremely generous, or perhaps eccentric person. Or if you a company with some spare cash and would like to name one of our tents or bookcases for the life of the piece of equipment, please get in touch. You will make lots of children very happy indeed, and with happy, confident children in our community, the future world looks to be a brighter place already

 Thank you.  

You very generous person.


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If you are able to fund us £10 you will also gain the thanks of so many people and be named on our wall of thanks. You will also be entered into a draw for a bag of wonderful books, including signed copies from our lovely authors and poets at Village Green.

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If you are generously able to fund us with £25 you will be immortalized on our wall of thanks, entered in the draw and sent a Books Are My Bag Tote Bag.

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If you can find it in your heart (and purse) to fund us £50 you are will get to rock the wall of thanks be entered in the draw, be the envy of all with your Books Are My Bag Tote Bag and we will additionally send you 2 VIP tickets for our next children’s event, where the children will be treated like the Very Important People they are.

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If you are able to fund us £100, you are an absolute star. In appreciation we will thank you on our wall of thanks, and enter you twice in the draw. We will send you the bag and we will invite you and a friend to join us at a very special evening that we have planned for the autumn. ‘Spinning Yarns from Childhood’, is an evening with professional actors reading excerpts from children’s books and refreshments.

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