plastics out of landfill

by Dom Barker in Edingham, Scotland, United Kingdom

plastics out of landfill


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our aim is to take all commercial plastic and rubber waste out of landfill sites and convert into a renewable energy and other products

by Dom Barker in Edingham, Scotland, United Kingdom

I currently own a manufacturing business in Dumfries and Galloway specializing in livestock handling equipment, we have a fully equipped workshop with CNC laser cutters CNC folding and pipe rolling machines along with a highly skilled team of fabricators and engineers, 

This project came about in 2019 when we were dealing with 'Gates automotive' 

A factory in our local town that produces approximately seven tons daily of un-recyclable rubber waste that currently goes into another local landfill site and has done for the past 15 years, we decided to take truck load of this waste for testing and processed this waste at a high recovery rate 98% into fuel and other sellable products.   

our plan was to take over a large factory next to the gates plant and process their waste  

Our tests were successful, and Gates was in talks with their other UK and European factories about importing it to the UK for processing and purchasing back the processed material for manufacturing new automotive belts. 

we also had contact with several larger factories and were in the process of sampling their waste to see the recovery rates of different materials  

we got involved with a company that works in nuclear decommissioning projects all over the world we were planning on teaming up and implementing my process machinery onto a ship that collects waste from the oceans and creates fuel that can be used in the ship itself. 

So far, we have made test modules and are designing a newer larger 24-hour process machine that can be integrated into a vessel  

we have done several tests on land-based wastes with very good and exiting results. 

The machine itself has being designed to run itself and runs from its own fuel it creates leaving it almost zero cost to operate  

we have a list of factories and clients lined up ready to go once our plant becomes operational 

our goal in the next 3-5 years is to have a fully operational site in the UK.   

what we need. 

*flat level site  

*shredding equipment  

*funding to manufacture the Reactor 

Let's make 'plastics out of landfill' happen

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