Plastic2Product Skye

by Thomas in Broadford, Scotland, United Kingdom

Plastic2Product Skye


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To collect and reuse local plastic from households and beaches/other places to make a variety of plastic products. Reducing plastic waste.

by Thomas in Broadford, Scotland, United Kingdom

New stretch target

£600 Goal
This higher goal allows me to buy parts for the more complex machines, these allow me to create a larger variety of products and allow me to work with more types of plastic.

Here is a list of machines and the goals at which I will be able to buy them.

Plastic Shredder: At £200 raised (Goal Reached)
Plastic Extruder: At £300 raised (Goal Reached)
Plastic Injector + Moulds: At £600 raised
Plastic Compressor / large heater: At £900+ raised

Much of the plastic made does not get recycled, it goes off to landfill or is thrown into the environment. It has been found recently even plastic which is sent for recycling, may not even get recycled. 

The plastic that we all use can be recycled into a variety of other products, this reduces plastic waste and also reduces the demand for more plastic to be made. 

The aim of this project is to collect plastic from the local area, from households and the environment, then make it into new products such as 3d printer filament, pots or even larger things like furniture if I get the right machines. This is better for the environment as it cuts carbon mileage of your plastic and stops any plastic being sent to landfill.

However recycling plastic takes machinery which can get quite expensive, for example, to build the machine to shred the plastic into reusable pellets costs around £200 in materials. this is where the money donated to the project will go, to acquiring the machines needed to start recycling and processing plastic.

Once plastic can be recycled it can provide low-cost plastic goods for the local community, with any profits being put back into growing the business.

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