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To sell disposable non-plastic everyday products which naturally decompose when thrown away.

by Georges Tasker in Worminghall, England, United Kingdom

Plastic pollution is a huge problem in the world today with one of the main contributors to this being single use "disposable" plastic products. Although this problem is widely acknowledged, not enough is being done about it by these big corporations who are still producing millions of these products each year.

To start I wanted to focus my attention on the single use plastic razor which are disposed of after only a few uses and are not recyclable due to the types of plastic and the various different materials used. 

In 2016 BIC sold an average of 7.1 million razors per day, all of which are probably in landfill or in the oceans, damaging the environment. I wanted to redesign the single use disposable razor so that it is completely compostable.

The design I came up with is the Disposable Bamboo razor. I learned that bamboo is an extremely sustainable crop which is grown in abundance (and grows quickly) in South East Asia. As a material bamboo is water resistant, hygienic, rigid and easy to work with, which made it an ideal material to use for the body of the razor. The use of bamboo instead of plastic, will reduce most of the processes, energy and emissions otherwise used in the production of the plastic disposable razor and has the potential to be completely carbon neutral.

This razor is made up of 6 main components; the handle, neck, head, wax moisturising strip, safety cap and two carbide steel blades. It is tried and tested on myself and my peers and it works, although it is not tested against standards or regulations. 

My vision for this product is to develop it further, get a patent, meet the correct standards to be sold and to completely replace the plastic disposable razors on the shelves with this product and products alike. 

With the money money I am hoping to find a business parter who can guide me through the process and develop many other plastic free products.

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