'Plantsify' app - planting to profit the public

The Plantsify app offers efficient, personalised experience for any plant growers to link up directly with buyers looking for fresh produce.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We are creating an application called Plantsify for consumers (buyers) of produce  and plant growers (sellers), e.g. flowers, vegetables, fruits, herbs, shrubs, etc. who will be able to connect directly with each other for the buy and sell, or even exchange and giveaway of plants and produce.

From selling a bunch of carrots to a truckload of potatoes, app users consist from next door neighbours who plant these produce in their backyards to agronomists with proper farms, and this can take place anywhere in the world. Growers/Planters offer fresh, genuine products/produce (indoor and outdoor) that could also be recreated or offered in variation like designer flowers or plants, assortment of fruits/vegetables in boxes, artistic creations made from remodeled plants/flowers, recycled woods for commercial use, etc.

Via Plantsify, planters/growers post and share pictures of their different fruits or vegetables or flowers; then link up and communicate with local app users or interested buyers who want to buy them quick and fresh. Registered app users will be able to know which type of produce are available around their local locations, and get them whenever as agreed by both parties. 

Plantsify enables straight forward, simple and honest buy, sell and trade activities without a middle man. The Plantsify community will benefit from enjoying much cheaper prices of produce and be highly independent and self-reliant consumers. Plantsify will encourage 'Grow and Produce' as an enjoyable hobby that translates to making side income and getting to know more people within the community. This will further shape an environment-friendly society, and encourage a real culture of healthy living and eating habit. Of course, Plantsify will link all these activities to the social media world.

This free app will showcase a user-friendly, easy to understand features, i.e. user registration, picture posting with details of produce, geolocations and messaging or chat platform between sellers and buyers. Much more cool features are also in the pipeline.

The Plantsify team expects the time frame for developing the app will be 2-3 months, and the challange is of course to stick to this plan. Technologies included phone gap engine, native libraries with jquery mobile to build this app for both android and iPhone, along with the web app admin to manage app.

Technologies -Operating System: iOS & Android. Mobile Devices: iPhone & Android. Presentation Layer: Phonegap, Native Code (Hybrid). WSDL: REST API. Push Notification: APN. Database Layer: Mysql Lite.  Framework: MVC.

Plantsify - Grow and Produce , www.plantsify.com , grow@plantsify.com