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A documentary exploring the necessity of changing public opinion of animal agriculture and why we can't wait for change to be made for us.

by in Longdowns, England, United Kingdom

The Project

We are making a documentary which will look at some of the ways we, as a society, can mitigate anthropogenic impact on environmental degradation. The film will be a short ten-minute production; seeking to explore the way in which we produce food (including over-production and animal agriculture), relevant Government implemented policies and detail how a combination of these factors can work to provide a viable solution to current environmental issues with a view to living a more sustainable, environmentally ethical lifestyle.

We have narrowed our focus to look specifically at the diet in relation to climate concerns. Making small changes to what we eat can have a direct (and free) impact on the environment; contributing to lower carbon footprint. We feel that Government intervention will be the fastest way to reduce our energy expenditure and reduce CO2 emissions as a country and, therefore, we are looking at interviewing MP’s to investigate their views on the current climate and environmental affairs. This documentary looks to investigate and present a range of factors which must be considered when tackling such a pressing issue. 

The Crew

The Budget 

Your Contribution 

Your contribution towards this film will help supplement travel and transport costs to filming locations and interview venues, as well as helping to hire someone to create an original score for the film.  The funding sourced from this Crowdfunder will also aid the eventual festival strategy for the film. This money will allow us to submit the documentary to festivals which require a fee for doing so. 

In an attempt to offset the environmental impact of using our own cars and counter the CO2 emissions released during the production of the film, and make our production carbon neautral, we will calculate the CO2 emissions produced by our vehicles using Ecoscore. Having calculated what each journey costs in CO2, we will donate the equivalent funds to Stand for Trees, a charity that seeks to protect forests and combat climate change. With each purchase of a Stand for Trees Certificate, the charity supports a specific forest community; from conserving critical habitats for Bonobos (mankind’s closest living relative), to defending Indonesia's Bornean forests, preventing them from becoming palm oil plantations. 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

£10 reward

Pledging £10 will afford you a credit on the film

£20 or more

£20 Reward

Be one of the first to watch the film. Any person that pleges £20 will be given the Vimeo link and password which will enable them to view the film prior to anyone else.

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