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Plantarium will offer vegan and vegetarian food and will promote animal welfare and

by Jacek in Stratford Upon Avon, England, United Kingdom

Our direct inspiration to stop eating meat and to open meat-free cafe was a visit to farm animals sanctuary. We were appalled by cruelty experienced by the animals that were produced for food without any consideration of their welfare. Many farm animals suffer throughout their lives - living in a horrible environment,  being hurt in transport and being slaughtered only to appear on our plates. We wanted to change what we could.
Further research clearly showed that vegetarianism has many more benefits:
it reduces carbon footprint (all animal farms produce more greenhouse gases than the cars)
it can feed more people (the same amount of land can feed 4 times more vegetarians than meat eaters)
has great health benefits for people
it reduces the production of animals - less suffering
...and don't even start us talking about fishing and exploitation of the seas.

Vegetarianism is simply the easiest and the quickest way to slow the climate change and live better and healthier lives.

Therefore Plantarium will work closely with local animal farm sanctuary to support their fundraising initiatives and their great work. We will also join global ecological charities to provide the forum for their campaigns.

Plantarium will be based in the heart of Stratford upon Avon, town visited by up to 4 million tourists every year. We are aiming to open in the first week of February 2019. The preparations have already started. As much as possible we will be using recycled and up-cycled furniture and equipment. Any animal origin products will come from verified farms only, where animal welfare is a major consideration.
We will minimize the use of plastic packaging as far as possible hence we will sensibly select our suppliers, also, you will not get a plastic cup, straw or wrapping when you come to visit us.
We plan to have a "Neat! - No meat!" section on our menu - so those who are not convinced to a plant-based diet can try meat-free option without a taking giant leap and eat tofu :).
Plantarium will be a nice place to spend time where we hope to prove plant-based food is great and normal.

We are seeking to raise £ 5000 to complete redecoration and equipping the cafe. This will ensure that we have equipment that will let us to run the cafe efficiently and to provide great food.
We are also looking forward to working together with our charities and help them to do the great work they do.


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