Plant ONE MILLION trees to celebrate World Bee Day

by Paula Carnell in Castle Cary, England, United Kingdom


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Plant One Million trees in Madagascar to feed the bees. Beekeepers in this country need trees to feed their bees & produce Honey.

by Paula Carnell in Castle Cary, England, United Kingdom

The trees are the earth's lungs, which are suffocating, much like the humans during this COVID crisis. Perhaps through healing the earth, we may find healing for ourselves.

Beekeepers as guardians of the forests

Ilanga-Nature has been supporting Madagascan beekeepers for as we are accountable to Nature, it is our duty to protect it. Much of this incredible island has been de forested, yet by planting trees, the bees return and are able to pollinate the fruits and share the excess honey they produce.

 We are helping promote these islanders natural resources but we are also boosting their development. We are able to do this through long-term and respectful partnership with producers, the real keepers of these treasures.
ILANGA NATURE places great value on work ethic, hence our commitment to complying with fair and solidarity trade requirements, and to undertaking responsible and ecological approaches.
All our raw materials are finely extracted from forests and great plains. We respect the natural rhythm of seasons by actively contributing to the preservation of endemic species. It is through understanding the vagaries of nature that its richness is revealed.

Make a difference and help to feed the bees

Supporters of this campaign will not only be rewarded with honey from these incredible tree species, but also comforted knowing that they are contributing to healing the earth and improving the lives of bees and people in Madagascar.

Honey as rewards for our supporters

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