Plant-based protein/nutrition packed food products

by LadyNature in Doncaster, England, United Kingdom

Plant-based protein/nutrition packed food products
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Idea of creating protein and nutrients packed, vegan, organic food products to keep adults and kids going at any time of the day.

by LadyNature in Doncaster, England, United Kingdom

Hey there peeps. ✌

Aleksandra here, little, polish and ambitious girl living in UK for a bit of time already. Stuck here with a great pleasure of getting know this country more and more every day. 

Im full time positive worker in food production as a Quality Auditor which Im very enjoying at the moment and giving in all I own with my skills. At the side im studying ACCA Accountancy and recently started Diet and Nutrition advanced course due to lockdown, to use my time different way than currently is possible. Rest of the free time I spent on hiking, rollerblading or just simple by walking within the nature. Also a starting Yogi and person who like to take care both of mental and physical health by focusing on what I eat and how I spend most of my time. 

Due to my interests and current studies Ive came up with the idea to create totally plant-based, organic, protein and nutrients packed food products that can be consumed at any time of the day to keep you going, for the young ones aswell, or to fill you up after a nice workout, or just to give you a nice kick in the morning instead of the coffee. Plenty of flavours, options and with all the possible colours available within what nature is giving us. 

At the beggining I would base my products on ingredients like penauts and nuts, all varieties of seeds, plant based Isolate  protein powders, natural flavourings, natural syrups, dry fruits and fruit powders, natural sweeteners. My goal is to achieve ready products without using any kind of chemicals or substances to keep my products freesher for longer, and of course with not added sugar. I want to focus on the healthiest version possible of the products that can be made out of what nature give us simply just by creating great combinations of flavours. 

I want to focus on ecofriendly packaging by creating relationship with local company providing paper packaging for my products as well. 

The idea altogheter is to create hand made products with love for the people, with respect to the nature and with heart put into the creation of unique flavours. Product would be sold as a pack of 5/7 varieties of the avaialble products, but with the time it would be possible to adjust the products wanted by the customer by simply choosing the varieties they want. 

I have a great vision of this going much futher aswell with the time, with more variety of products as well as growing bigger, into company of people that share very similar views and ideas as I do. 

This would help me with getting a practical expierence regarding my ACCA journey, it would give me a chance to use my Nutrition knowledge to create something tasty and healthy and most important I would make a step towards something that could have an impact on the current food market with another plant-based products for the people to fall in love with. Money raised would be totally used for the start up of the business based in sterile kitchen; all the machinery and tools needed at the beggining; on the high quality organic products and of course with the lab testing and vegan society accreditation before sending those to the interested customers.

I really want to give all my heart into this project, the only thing I always lack from is enough of savings to actually risk and try with something new. Thats why Im here, and I hope you could help me with having my little dream come true.

If you have any questions before actually thinking about investing into my little project. Please dont hesitate to contact me through LinkedIn. 

Sending lots of love and please, share the kindness wherever you go.

Aleksandra Wielgopolanin 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£40 or more

FREE product testing.

For every 25£ donated I will send one of the products to be tried and tested before official launch. Variety of flavours, and possibility of different types of products if fund rising will be successfull. As soon as the business will be up and running I'll be starting with the production.

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