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Our aim is to bring some local economic empowerment and conservation of nature through planting trees and promoting eco agro sustainability

by Terence Eben in Cameroon

Never fade factory was co-founded four years ago with a fashion futurism agenda by Terence Eben a social impact entrepreneur and acupuncturist. Prior to starting Never Fade Factory in 2017 Terence worked closely with a number of African footballers among them the legend Emmanuel Adebayor and the SEA foundation. The SEA foundation focused on sponsorship of healthcare and youth development projects recently supporting a women’s farming project. 

Against this background Terence included a strong social impact objective in the Never Fade Factory philosophy. There is an opportunity for Fashion Brands and the industry as whole to become more involved in forest conservation and planting of agricultural commodities which could both help the global sustainable development goals 2 and 17 i.e. food security and sustainable fashion waste reduction. 

Never Fade Factory is then partnering with local farmers and conservationist in Togo, Ghana and Cameroon in order to help empower local communities through investing in Agro eco-sustainability projects. 

Our fist initiative is in Sanjay Village south west Cameroon where we have acquired a 240 hectare forest land in order to develop agriculture, plant trees beneficial to our carbon balance and conserve the existing ecosystem of tropical rain forest which already exist.

Sanjay Village seats at the foot of Mount Cameroon second highest mountain peak of sun-Sahara Africa and 4 km from the Atlantic Ocean. The existing designated area already has an assortment of wild trees with a vibrant forest ecosystem. 

Our team in Cameroon largely consist of a retired gendarme and his wife who took up coconut, pepper and Moringa farming 20 years ago and has a great understanding growing Moringa trees.

Moringa is a deciduous tree, genus from the Moringaceae plant family. It’s found mostly in tropical habitat and serves several medicinal uses. We chose Moringa “Miracle tree” because of its nutrient dense qualities making a potential food source. 

Moringa trees can grow almost anywhere - they are resistant to drought, deep rooted and can tolerate a wide variety of soils, enabling them to flourish in even the harshest of conditions.

The Eco and Health Benefits of Moringa 

25grams of pure plant protein 

Is a superfood Vit A, E, K C, potassium, iron, calcium 

Could be eaten as a vegetable dish providing

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