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by Juli Forrest in Wolverhampton, England, United Kingdom


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To support business planning & improvement via a step by step process, support & expertise when needed with target setting & monitoring

by Juli Forrest in Wolverhampton, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

This platform has the potential to be a market leader in business improvement with investors using the data to make funding decisions, the ability to split down to departmental growth programmes for larger organisations and real time data from third party providers such as accountancy packages.


A few years ago, I joined my husband to run the family business. It was a struggling business in a sector that was on a decline, and I think — looking back — that the future was probably inevitable; however, we were not going to give up without a fight. 

We knew what we needed to do and what support we would need to get us there, but it all came with a hefty price tag and didn't move us as far forward as we would have liked. We had a plan but struggled to get the support singing from the same song sheet. 


That's when the first seeds of this idea were sown. 

So many business owners write their plan, often because they have been told to, sometimes with a purpose, but very few review it regularly to make sure their business is moving forward, growing, improving. 



My vision 

1600091651_logo_small.jpgTo develop a web app that businesses can use to support their planning and development and ultimately improvement and growth. It should be a tool to drive business improvement that can be shared with third parties so that the vision and goals are clear to all. 

Through a step-by-step process, this app will help a business assess where it is now and where they want to be. It will then support them to develop the steps they are going to take to get there, how they will measure what that looks like, and will 'gently' remind them and keep them on track.


The app will also include the input of financial information that will enable accurate cash-flow forecasting. Businesses will be able to make timely, targeted decisions based on what the data is showing them, even modelling the impact of decisions that have been made.


Does it work?

I have been using this process to support businesses for the last year, and the feedback is extremely positive;



Future Development

  • The app will connect to accountancy packages to ensure accurate financial forecasting.
  • The modelling tool will become a key element of the package going forward.
  • Third party organisations, such as business coaches or investors, can be granted read-only access to support decision making.
  • A real-time support function to guide businesses through sudden challenges or provide support opportunities

Where will your money go?

1600091509_budget_pie_chart.jpgFunds raised through crowdfunding will go towards the minimum viable product and marketing. Any additional funding we may be able to secure will help us to implement the future developments in a shorter timescale.

Our aim is to launch the product early in 2021.

How you can help

We need £5000.

By pledging, you could: be a part of its development and even test it before it goes live, receive a discounted subscription, and you'd be an amazing supporter. 

If you have any ideas, suggestions, or would like to say hello, please do get in touch. Also, feel free to check out our social media pages to keep up to date with our progress.



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2Hr Canva course with Vieri Wicks 09/11/2020 10-12

If you are wondering how to create a Zoom Backdrop, animated GIF or a nice social media post, please come and join us at the CANVA TRAINING FOR BEGINNERS session. This will be 2 hours of hands-on training held on 9th November 2020

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Its my birthday this month - High Five!! thank you for your gift, I appreciate it immensely and unless you tell me otherwise will happily share your generosity with my social media world

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Receive 1 month access to PlanItPro at a time of your choosing (planned retail price £25)

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Receive 1 months access to PlanItPro - a presence on our supporters page and regular shout outs on our social media pages - a great option if you are a businesses looking to expand your reach

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Sharpen your selling skills

Invitation to a group coaching session that will sharpen your selling skills - Why waste lots of your marketing spend by not maximising the orders you get from it?

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Receive 3 months access to PlanItPro (planned retail price £60) plus a big shout on on all our social media platforms

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1:1 selling skills coaching

1:1 hour session that will improve your selling skills. You will learn the skills and strategies to sell more effectively so that: Individuals and teams become more structured and professional, Conversion rates improve significantly, Customer loyalty and retention is enhanced, Revenues and profits improve, Selling becomes enjoyable.

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Get more business through LinkedIn

One to one sessions for an hour that will teach you How To Get More Business Through Your Use Of LinkedIn – Learn how to Build your perfect profile, Cultivate the right network of contacts, Create & develop better opportunities, Generate more leads, Get a better return on your marketing, Avoid cold calling and get straight to your ideal decision maker within minutes.

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A chance to add your voice to the development team, be a part of the beta testing team and 1 year subscription to the final product. Plus regular shout outs on all our social media platforms and a presence on our supporters page.

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