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Plan Bee manages hives, crafts award-winning produce & teaches people how bees matter to farming and the environment. Help us grow the buzz.

We did it!

On 16th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £460 with 13 supporters in 28 days

What’s the Plan?

We tell it like it is at Plan Bee. We have a plan, and it’s about bees. 

Bees pollinate around a third of our food, and they’re vital for wild habitats. They also produce gorgeous honey. But bees are in trouble, with pollution and modern farming techniques making it harder for them to do their work. Plan Bee is a simple, foolproof way to help, and it comes with benefits for all of us.

 Plan Bee manages beehives for individuals, businesses and other groups who want to give something back to the environment. The bees produce lovely honey for us to put into jars, and to use in our beers, meads, vinegars, cosmetics and other innovative products. Along the way, Plan Bee runs education and community outreach programmes to get the vital message across.

You don’t have to find room for a hive in your back garden to get involved. You can support us right now with as little as a pound (although we, and the bees, would be grateful for a little more). The money you contribute now will help us develop a range of infused honeys and other exciting new products, and to get more of our lines into stores. And that will create a virtuous circle, because by selling more product, we can invest in more hives and more bees.

So far, Plan Bee has increased the bee population of the UK by over 15 million. With your help, we can put many millions more to work - for food security, for nature, and for deliciousness.

How about a sweetener?

First of all you get the warm glow - or buzz - of knowing your donation is helping to save a threatened species. You’re also making a contribution to the country’s future food security, as well as the diversity and richness of our natural environment.

But you also get some stuff. Donate £5 and we’ll send you an (extremely environmentally friendly) digital package, including a whole hive of material to save, share or print out. For £15 you’ll could get a limited-edition photoprint. Other options include a honey hamper, or even a regular monthly delivery of honey when you join our Founders’ Club. Choose your option in the right-hand column when you make your pledge.

Who’s behind the hive?

Plan Bee is a team of full-time workers based in Motherwell, Scotland, supplemented by freelance beekeepers and helpers in many other parts of the UK. Warren Bader, our CEO and head beekeeper, used to make music videos. He’s worked with Tina Turner, Ridley Scott and Michael Jackson. Chief Operating Operator David Hall has a background in competitive cycling and exhibition project management.

There’s no room here to list all our worker bees, but they all share a passionate commitment to helping nature. And a very sweet tooth.

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