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Support our Pandemic PJ Pivot to a 'minimums of one' model and the Mayor's Fund doubles the value of your pyjama pounds by match funding it!

by Pjoys - PJs with purpose in London, England, United Kingdom



Once you have selected your product (REWARD!) we will contact you within 24 hours (probably quicker) and help you choose your preferred design and size (if Artist PJs). 



Hi, I'm Michelle Morgan, Founder of Pjoys. We are a two-year-old Social Enterprise, using the power and symbolism of the PJ to make mental health an easier and more everyday conversation. Since our launch, we've been smashing both sales of PJs and the stigma around talking about our mental health. Like so many organisations the pandemic has significantly impacted our production and wholesale model and our business plan and it has placed our business in difficulty, but we are not about to give up. We’ve developed a business model pivot - our Pandemic Pivot - to ensure we survive, revive, and then thrive once more. We're confident, motivated and optimistic, driven more than ever to make mental health an everyday conversation. People love our PJs and our purpose (see below). We need YOUR help to propel our pivot! 

1605787641_11.jpgHOW YOU CAN HELP - It's easy, just buy your Christmas gifts from us! 

There’s a really simple way you can support us. We have the most joyful and meaningful products, in stock, right here, right now. Items that you can buy as part of this Crowdfunder campaign and get in time for Christmas. It’s the perfect time of year to buy from us, support us and give to others (or yourself!). Plus special Crowdfunder offers.

YOUR PYJAMA POUNDS WILL BE DOUBLED... They get match-funded by the Mayor of London's fund when we hit 25% of our target.


SOME OF OUR PRODUCTS -  See the rewards bar for more!



Artist Collection: Organic Cotton, Numbered Limited Edition PJs, Journals, Tjoys (T-shirts), Sleep Masks and Face Coverings (made from surplus PJ fabric and SO comfortable) are all available in various designs and sizes.

House Collection: The Blank Canvas, our classic white PJs. Bringing a little calm to a world tipped upside down. 

Revive Collection:  Our newest range of PJs made from surplus fabric that we’ve saved from being landfilled or burned at a kinder price too, just £65

Gift Vouchers: Buy a £100 gift voucher for just £95! Pledge the reward and we will send you a digital or printed voucher with a code to use at pjoys.co.uk with £5 on us!

1606391192_rem_wall.jpgExclusives: Special gift bundles of joy including The Art Lovers Christmas Gift Box and 1 x signed Remi Rough print, book and journal. Plus corporate team gift ideas.

Pre-order 2021 PJ designs: We have some very special PJ designs planned for 2021. This is your opportunity to pre-order 2021 designs which we will launch as an extra reward when we achieve 70% of our target. 


PIVOTING IN A PANDEMIC - our plan and use of the money raised.

In the background of the Pandemic, we have been working hard on the commercial challenges and have developed a solution that will pivot our entire business model, in perhaps the most exciting and impactful way we could have imagined. It’s what we are calling a ‘minimums of one’ model and it will help us lower our upfront, hard costs, whilst being able to also offer our PJs and other products at a more affordable price to our customers, you! This new way will also create less waste and a more 1605795269_26038d42-b602-4d81-a548-de99dd40ccbf_1_105_c.jpegconsidered and lower environmental impact. And there’s more, we have so many beautiful Artist designs that have been gifted to us, waiting in the wings, for far too long. With our new business model, we will be able to launch more designs, more quickly, which means more choice and more conversations about mental health! The money we raise will be used for discovery and creating a new DNA for our PJ and new way of production, critical upfront materials costs, investment in a digital tool to manage orders and communicate with our customers with updates and the journey of their PJs.

1605795111_2be47130-4686-4a1f-a60a-1b19f17d32fe_1_105_c.jpegWe can see a clear future and now we need the support of our customers, our community and you, to fund this critical and confident pivot, that will see us not only survive, but thrive and deliver greater social impact than ever. And don't forget, when we hit 25% of our target, the Mayors match funding kicks in.


1605791113_certified_circle_badge.jpgThe Centre for Mental Health has estimated that 10 million people in the UK will seek support for their mental health due to the impact of the Covid Pandemic. That’s on top of the growing mental health crisis we were already experiencing both in the UK and globally. Talking about our mental health has never been so important. Help us keep going by buying your gifts from us. Thanks for your support, with love and strength, Team Pjoys x

OUR STORY - our why

1605794951_66929509_2325651891047258_7075570986476634112_o.jpgMichelle founded Pjoys 2 years ago after experiencing anxiety and depression. On her most difficult days, she couldn’t get out of her pyjamas, made worse by a crushing and silencing remark, “It’s a bit awkward when you talk about your mental health Michelle”, a remark which stopped her from getting help. We’ve taken the symbolism of ‘the PJ day’, both good and bad, to help make mental health an everyday conversation, because no one should ever feel that they can't talk about their mental health. We’re making the most kind, caring, ethical and sustainable PJs, designed by the brilliant artists (and art is incredibly beneficial for caring for our mental health), using the PJ as a blank canvas to create something beautiful and joyful. Our PJs, packaging, platform and people deliver messages of hope & help. They are, quite simply, conversation starters.

Caroline Rush, CEO of British Fashion Council says “Pjoys is a fantastic sustainable brand with an important message – in these challenging times, we all need to look after ourselves and our mental health. Their message and brand ethos resonated extremely well with the Positive Fashion exhibition at London Fashion Week last year, where they helped raise awareness around mental health."


SMALL BUT MIGHTY we don't duplicate, we amplify

We are a small, yet mighty brand. We partner and collaborate with charities and brands to bring a spotlight to the many aspects of the mental health topic.

As 1605792224_copy_of_notes_of_hope_for_women_experiencing_domestic_abuse_and_violence_copy_2.jpga team, we pledged from the very start of Lockdown #1, to do even more good through Pjoys, than ever before, so...We made 100 pairs of scrubs from our fabric in the UK. We gave 40 pairs of PJs to two Domestic Abuse charities. We've hosted free BEDinars and Mindfulness sessions. We've used more PJ surplus fabric to make Face Masks. We've created work for local makers.  

RECOVERY COMES - hope and help

1606428603_img_0064_louie_small.png1605793250_12.jpg We hope that through Pjoys we can not only create beautiful pjs but also help support others on their mental health journey too. If you need support, Samaritans are here for everyone, anytime you need to talk on 116 123 or email [email protected]



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