Neapolitan Pizzeria in Nottingham

by Adrian Dominik Luberda in Nottingham, England, United Kingdom

Hi, this is Adrian, I'm an Italo-Polish guy raised with the tradition of a good pizza. Me and Brother ( the one on the picture) would love to open our first Pizzeria in Nottingham, unfortunately, we don't have enough funds to do this on our own, we are looking for at least 30K for our project. We are looking to open a small business with 30 seats inside with an open viewing pizzeria so the customer can see how the pizza is made and cooked in a traditional wood oven. We are planning to do this in Nottingham. We are now currently searching for the best location in West Bridgford area and city centre area. We chose Nottingham simply because we love that city, we've been living in there few years ago, and we want to come back there and start our business , we also noticed that there were not Neapolitan pizzerias in the Area, now years after have opened one. We planning to be the next and became the best. We would really appreciate a funds help from some investors, We come up with this project because we noticed that the Neapolitan style pizza is growing along the country, people have started to appreciate the taste of Naples, the true pizza; my brother currently is working for the best pizzeria in UK for TripAdvisor 2018-19.  

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