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PLAY Spot The Ball. HELP football development in the UK. WIN all the latest tech, sports gear & more from as little as 10p a go!

We did it!

On 29th Feb 2016 we successfully raised £207 with 9 supporters in 28 days


THE IDEA The traditional and famous SPOT THE BALL competition has been revamped for the digital age!  Our aim is to let you play for as little as 10p a shot to win amazing top end tech, sports gear, holidays and luxury items, all while helping the deveopment of youth football clubs throughout the UK, and small international charities.

THE FUNDRAISING  Our plan for fundraising is to allow local sports clubs to embed our game platform within the clubs own website, with their own identity, to raise funds for THEIR OWN CLUB!Initially, a percentage of every ticket played via the clubs’ website will go back to the club itself. However once established it is hoped that we can offer additional benefits, such as vouchers from leading online specialist kit suppliers for their club or Sponsorship deals from the Pixel Gecko Team. We’ve chosen football to begin with, but our aim is to roll out our fundraising platform to as many different sports as possible, including Tennis, Rugby and Volleyball, basically any other ball sport we can think of that could do with some funding help.

THE GAMEIt’s really easy to play, and what’s more there will be a guaranteed WINNER for every competition! All you have to do is pick at least one prize you would like to win, look at the competition picture, decide where you think the ball is and place your tickets accordingly. Once the competition closes, judging begins…THE JUDGINGTo make it fair for everyone, Pixel Gecko is a game of skill not a raffle or lottery, and is therefor NOT classified as gambling. Each player has to use their own skill and judgment to place the ball, and once the competition is closed our panel of experts will begin the judging process. This involves our panel collectively agreeing on the position of the ball, which is then recorded and verified by an independent adjudicator who is present at and verifies all competitions and results. The judging usually takes place the day after the competition closes and the winner will be notified as soon as possible after that.THE WINNING!Whoever is closest to the judges’ location wins. That’s right, the beauty of it all is that you don’t even need to be spot on to win! You just need to be closest!

 Sign up on our current holding page to be kept in the loop and you’ll be the first to know when we go live.We're also the popular social media pages so please follow us to stay up to date.

We’re dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s just now, so once we have secured our funding for the final push we’ll be raring to go. Giving all you brilliant backers the chance to win masses of cool stuff with all your bonus credits!

We’ll need a bit of time (and more backers) to complete the football funding platform. But don’t worry, we’re keeping track of all ticket sales from day one, and a percentage of these profits will be put aside ready to give back once the funding platform is operational.

For any questions, or if you are a UK sports club keen to register, please get in touch with us at stefan@pixelgecko.com and we'll be happy to help in any way we can.

Thanks so much, Stefan and the team...


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