Pivotal Fitness App

by Glen Smith in Studley, England, United Kingdom

Pivotal Fitness App
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I'm looking to rebrand and develop my fitness app. Add many new original features like a profile page and launch a large marketing campaign.

by Glen Smith in Studley, England, United Kingdom

About Me

I'm a former multiple Olympic Athlete, motivational speaker and author. For the last 18 years I have been working as a personal trainer, coaching hundreds of clients in weight loss, nutrition and rehabilitation. When I retired from international competition I had a dream of sharing my experiences and fitness knowledge with as many people as possible. This prompted me to develop my own fitness app which I launched in 2018 called 'Your Fitness App'. My studio is based in the stunning surroundings of Stratford Upon Avon.

Your Fitness App

I developed my app with the sole purpose of providing easy to follow workout routines and nutritional plans that everyone could follow and benefit from. All workouts are viewed through a instructional video format. There are many categories to navigate through including 8/12 week weight loss programs and online personal coaching with myself. We had a soft launch last year and attracted over six thousand users. We had lots of positive feed back with many people asking for more workouts that focus on things like post natal and back issues. 

My Team

I worked closely with a developer who designed and wrote the code for the apps functionality and usability. I used a local media company who filmed and edited the hundreds of workout videos and a friend helped me with my social media presence. I also have two other coaches who help with the exercise content.

My Ethos 

Exercise, fitness and general wellbeing shouldn't be a chore. The strap line to the app Is ' The Simple Way To Fitness'. We want to get everyone active and with my fitness app we can prove that exercise can and should be fun, regardless of age or ability.

How will I spend the money

- I'm looking to rebrand the name to 'Pivotal' as we all agreed it is a stronger and cleaner name rather the softer 'Your Fitness App' 

- The main development will be the inclusion of a subscribers own profile page, which will be the hub of the app. This will mean the user can log in whenever they want and view the workouts they have performed or wish to complete again. The will be an option to add workouts and nutritional plans to a wish list, so the user can create there own exercise library. All recipes with have a option of creating a shopping list which can be sent to their profile page for easy viewing and convince.

- With the introduction of the profile page I intend to launch online personal training. This means I can personal coach subscribers anywhere in the world and send them specific workouts into their profile where I can monitor and track their progress. 

- A body tracker will also be available in the profile page so the user can count calories and log body weight, body fat and bmi. This is an important addition which instantly show progress and help with self motivation. 

- Change the overall graphics to make the app look great and increase the user experience. 

- Add the option of a workout soundtrack and a countdown alarm for when performing circuits.

- A store will also be added to provide subscribers with equipment relevant to the workouts their performing, branded clothing and food supplements.

- Relauch into the App Store.

- Social media marketing and advertising.

- Develop my accompanying Website called ' Glen Smith Fitness'. Which will provide all information about my products and links to the App.

 My Vision 

To develop a fully comprehensive, easy to follow fitness app for everyone to use and benefit from. The fitness industry is constantly evolving and we will always be creating exciting content that fits in with new research and current trends. 

Pricing and Forecasts 

- The app will cost £7.99 or £39.99 per month which includes online private coaching. 

- Prodjected subscribers for 2020/21 is 8 thousand.

- Five year projected subscribers 50/75 thousand.

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