International singing competition Pittsburgh 2015

Project by francis

Hallmark will be representing the UK at an international competition in the USA and would like to raise funds to support its members

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hallmark of Harmony are the 2014 UK BABS Barbershop Chorus champions (see our winning performance here on youtube). As Champions we are eligible to represent the UK at the international barbershop competition that will be held during 2015 in Pittsburgh (USA); we are looking forward to doing the UK proud!

A number of our members are going to struggle to raise the estimated £2000 pp the trip is going to cost. To raise money to support them we are currently raising funds through concerts, a lottery, social events and continue to look at ways to get everyone that wants to go out to the USA - the bigger the chorus we get there the better we will be!

Any support no matter how large or small will be greatly appreciated, thank you!!


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