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On 14th August 2019 we successfully raised £1,150 with 4 supporters in 56 days

Affordable and safe sporting and communal facilities for children and families to enjoy

by Pitch Up Play in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Who hasn't driven by a locked up football pitch during the Summer Holidays and thought "What a waste"??

Who hasn't taken their child to a local business who provide sports or physical activity and thought "Wow that's pricey"??

I have! And i know many others who have! The idea of not being able to put a price on your child's health and happiness has led to profiteering and shameless overpricing across the sport and health industry for children.

Pitch Up Play sees things differently. We see the opportunity for children to have somewhere to call their own at any time of the day and evening. Somewhere where they will pay a modest fee for the best facilities. Where we differ is we want children to play sport. We want to see our pitches full and we want families together in our facilities. We are not interested in huge bank balances, simply enough to keep things running for the people who love us. 

Whether 2 children want one basket ball hoop to practice in, 2 parents and their children want a football goal to have a kick about or 14 children wish a seven aside game each person playing the game will pay exactly the same to get access. And to add to that it will be a few pounds per hour. what better way to get children and families together through sport.....

We aim to have pitches, courts and free play areas to cater for all sizes of games and matches. In the cold winter the kids can play and practice in a safe supportive environment. Why should children miss out because they or their parents cannot pay £55 for a pitch for ONE hour? Or because only 2 of them want to play and the court costs £15? Why cant they pay a small fee to a socially responsible organisation who doesn't care about profits? We care about health and community.

Pitch Up Play (or PUP) will give the local community and those deprived of opportunity the chance to use facilities not currently available to them. For a fraction of the fee and with Community Initiatives at the heart of what we do, all children are welcome.

We will set out multi purpose courts to allow children the chance to take part in new activities, rediscover old ones or practice what they love. Added to that their parents can be there for free! And even better every customer leaves with a complimentary bottle of water and healthy snack! no bars and no vending machines only health exercise and well being! For everyone!

This is our typical court set up

The money we need is to develop our properties and our equipment. We currently run out of community centres and halls. With a bespoke area for us to develop we can expand PUP and take it to those who need it most. We will build up our own property and build up our equipment and we will be visible to everyone. 

This is a legacy for the future and a direct treatment for obesity and anti social behaviour, join our movement, and everyone who donates will become an honorary Supporter with access to all of our facilities and a chance to have your say on our future.

Become involved, don't just sit there thinking it over - Pitch Up!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

Twenty's Plenty

For every £20 donation a free place will be made available to a disadvantaged child and a certificate and discounts once we are up and running

£5 or more

Free up a Fiver

For every 5 pounds donation Pitch Up Play will provide you with a certificate of your generosity

£50 or more

Featured 50

Donate £50 and you will become and honorary supporter who can choose to have a say in how we run in the future. Plus discounts and a free session for a disadvantaged child

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