Helping me to stop losing my business.

by Susan Layton in Laindon, England, United Kingdom

Helping me to stop losing my business.
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I am the owner of a Digital Marketing and Virtual Assistants business. I want to be able to keep going.

by Susan Layton in Laindon, England, United Kingdom is the business I started after I was made redundant 8 months ago. During the COVID initial crisis, I was making Scrubs for the NHS and trying to help others in the process.

When I started work at 16 years old I was due to retire when I was 60, the Government then change all that and I now have to retire at 66.  I was hoping to be in my job until I retired, but Covid stopped all that.  After the first furlough finished, I was made redundant, and due to my age, gaining further employment in my field was not going to be possible.

I knew I still have a brain and could use my skills at home, so I started my Virtual Assistants business, I used what little pension and redundancy monies I had. However, with all the uncertainty it has been very slow and all my monies have now been exhausted getting my business up and running. 

The Government hasn't made it easy for me, and I wasn't entitled to monies from the Government.  Therefore, I battled on and have added a Digital Marketing Agency so that my business could give all-around help to small businesses and start-ups like mine.  I want to help others who are in business and are suffering from the Covid plight.  I want to help them recover quickly and by doing so help my business to recover as well.  I believe that by Digital Marketing this will help, and as some small business do not know or want to know about marketing I plan to help them through the minefield. 

I plan to guide them by creating the right advertising campaigns for them, to show them off, while they get on with the jobs they love and want to do.

My business will not only be able to help with the advertising but it will be able to help them become more organised and allow other people in my position to gain employment from working from home as virtual assistants.

The money I receive will help me purchase the software. I want to be able to offer employment to others who may only be able to work from home.  The people you have been hit hardest because of COVID and the Governments handling of COVID.

People in my age group have been hit very hard.  I know I can't turn back time but I know there is still something in me to give.



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£100 or more

0 of 30 claimed

£100 Reward

Ten hours of virtual assistants to use as you wish. Plus a handmade wooden Fountain Pen

£20 or more

0 of 20 claimed

£20 Reward

You will receive 2 hours of Virtual Assistants to use as you wish.

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